Tuesday, 28 August 2012

50 shades of Autumn

When we think of Summer being over, most of us will automatically think of the dull and gloomy weather, cold and rain and the nights getting darker earlier.

But Autumn is such a good season for you to style up your winter clothes, because its between the winter months and summer, any colour goes! I'll be getting into my snuggly jumpers and thick leggings early this year as England is aaalways cold.

Here's my Autumn wish list

Creepers- Matalan £12, Bowler hat-Ebay under £6, Burgundy thick jumper- H&M £12.99, Essie Mint Apple Candy nail varnish, Turquoise ring- H&M £3.99, Leopard Print Chelsea boots- Matalan £10 on offer now
Creepers have crept their way throughout each season of 2012 and are still such a big statement of most peoples wardrobes and at £12 as to your usual £30+ its a real steal.

I think the bowler hat is such a cute touch to nearly all outfits from thick tights with a dress too denim shorts and a jumper.

Thick cable knit jumpers are a must have in the cold days of winter which is why i have chosen a dark Burgundy coloured jumper even though for some reason it makes me get oober excited for Christmas 4 months early!

The Essie Mint Candy Apple is a really pretty colour which everyone seems to be loving right now, Its an easy option to brighten up a dark outfit and the name makes me want to eat it..

 This turquoise Tribal ring is a gorgeous piece that i have wanted something similar too for ages, i never really saw the fuss of rings and thought them to be annoying but they are such a good way to jazz up any outfit if you arent wearing any other jewellery.

Chelsea boots were in at the beginning of the year but not so many picked people up on them, but i've suddenly decided that they would be great to add 'casualness' to a sixth form outfit and are such a simple style coming in so many different colours and patterns!

So that's what i'll be keeping my eye out for in the next few months whilst CHRISTMASS!!! draws nearer!

Hope everyones having a good day! I've had the toughest day of my life today due to my dog being put to sleep (sleep tight tasha, lots of loveee) but am keeping my chin up as shes no longer in pain!

What will your Summer to Autumn wardrobe consist of? Any specific colour range?

Saturday, 25 August 2012

chit chat & a catch up

I know my last post was me finally getting into the youtube lingo and i said that i would upload my video soon, yes its been almost a week and i guess you are wondering.. 'well where is it then?'
My dad lost our lead to connect the camera to my laptop so he ordered a new one and it only came today, we tried plugging it in and just my luck, it wont work :( Im gutted i haven't been able to do it and i definitely didn't mean to lie to you! My dads gonna try and figure it out but in the mean time i'll stick to a jolly old blog :)

Im not going to base this blog post on a certain make up brand or clothing piece i wish for, im choosing to keep it short and share my happiness with you as i got my GCSE exam results on Thursday and i didn't actually do to bad! i got 6 B's, 5 C's and 1 D. Did any of you get any results this week that made you extremely proud?

One of my friends had a 'results party' for my year, and it was fancy dress. So me and my bestfriend decided to go as...... 118! We made our t-shirts, Headbands and moustaches and just used what we had instead of forking out money for a whole costume. Almost everyone dressed up and it was such a hoot.
me and my friend all ready to jog to the party ;)
118 themed nails  

Some of the costumes!

I hope you all have a really good weekend!  Do/did you have any party's to go to or have you gone to a festival? (if yes im sooo jelly jealous!)

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sudocrem: spot treatment

Do you ever get just one really annoying stubborn spot on your face? Or suffer from multiple spots that you just want rid of? Sudocrem is an antiseptic healing cream which treats; Napkin rash, Eczema, Bed sores, Sunburn, minor burns, surface wounds, Acne and Chilblains. A few days ago my friend sent me a funny picture of himself with sudocrem all over his forehead, he said it was for his spots. A few pimple type spots have landed on my face over the past two days and i decided to give sudocrem a try.

 On Friday night i washed my face with normal soap and rinsed with hot water then splashed my face with cold water. I used a towel to dry my face and applied a thin layer on my forehead where my spots were, I left it on over night and in the morning my spots were less raised and the redness had gone down. I tried it again yesterday night but this time all over my face, when i got into bed with the cream on my face it started to feel warm and tingly but the label says that its normal for localised irritation to occur. i woke up this morning and my face feels smooth like a babies bottom. If you have spots you want to treat and you feel like you have tried everything else, i would recommend Sudocrem just to give it a go and you might just be surprised of the outcome. You can get Sudocrem over the counter in pharmacists and other shops like Boots and Superdrug. I have the 60g pot which has lasted me for at least a year with about half the pot left, Boots have the 125g on offer for £1.75 at the moment!

Let me know if you have tried it and the results you had!

Demi xxx

Friday, 10 August 2012

spikes and studs galore

This summer studs and spikes have wormed their way in to fashion and have had a huuuge impact on everyones statements. It seems like everyone have come to terms with the fact that not only heavy metal lovers can pull it off. Some people completely cover themselves in s&s whereas others add a hint here and there to keep it subtle but still rock it.


picture from google
 These sculpted heels have studs in their curve. Because they are already such a big statement, the studs just make them even more loveable and because they look so good people are less worried about how they would actually walk in them (they dont look too comfy)


picture from google
picture from google

Studded denim shorts with a quirky band top or a cute blouse are very on trend at the minute, a lot of people have taken it upon themselves to DIT (do it themselves) and stud the heck out of their clothes like me instead of spending a whole whad of money on them. The Leather jacket looks gorg with denim shorts or black milk galaxy leggings and look good with a minimal amount of studs and spikes but also look good when heaving with the things. 

picture from google
Spikes on ear cuffs, choker necklaces, bracelets and rings are a must have this Summer, they look cute but also give your outfit a rockyfied edge. If you aren't daring enough to go the whole hog with the studs and spikes on your jacket or shorts, then the jewellery is for you! It looks great without looking 'over done'.


picture from google

It has now come to my attention that you can buy small stud look-a-like stickers to let your nails get in with the trend. They look so cute and can also be done with nail art so you can do it yourself. 

Do you like the studs and spikes trend? Do you own something with them on? 

Demi xxx

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

how i organise my earrings

My earrings used to be all jumbled around in a big jewellery box and I was never able to find a matching pair or the pair I wanted, so I thought it was time to hunt down an earring organiser so they all had their own place and I can find them when I need too. I was planning to go to a car boot sale this upcoming Saturday but my mum came home yesterday with another bargain just for me! 

She found this beautiful jewellery stand in the shape of a body with hooks for rings, necklaces, bracelets etc and a wire netted bottom (under-skirt) for your earrings. This means there is a space for everything all on one stand and the best part was.. it was only £5!! It looks brand new even though it was from a charity shop and I'm absolutely in love with it! I have already sorted all of my earring onto it and it looks so pretty. 

The jewellery stand itself is a gold/bronze/brown and consists of swirling hooks and amazing twisted detail. The body is a dusty yellow/skin colour with a white corset which has baby pink pinstripes and green leaves on it. It has puffed dress features on either side with pink flowery lace and beautiful little bows. The are also 3 dangley bits on the front with different beads which I think is absolutely adorable. The other thing that fascinates me about this stand is the beaded pendant type thing underneath the skirt which hangs down like a bird in it's bird cage. 

sorry for the pants picture!

I am so happy with my jewellery stand and amazed that it was in the charity shop for just £5 considering the amount of detail that is on it! I think these types of stands are in most jewellery shops, Claire's or maybe you can also find them in a charity shop or at a car boot sale for cheap cheap cheap!

How do you keep your jewellery organised and stored? Comment below, I'd love to see it!

Demi xxx


Monday, 6 August 2012

unexpected weekend...

So, as I said in my last post I was supposed to go out for a meal for my best friends birthday but in the end it got cancelled so I ended up going to a friends 18th birthday BBQ with my parents and had such a good weekend, so if you are thinking to yourself on a Friday evening that you are bored and never have anything to do, your luck may change right at the last minute!

It started by getting up very early on Saturday morning and having 15 minutes to get packed and ready to leave for an hours drive. Once we got there we got ready for the BBQ and got in the mood for a party. The birthday girl, her mum, my mum and me all ended up being thrown in the pool several times fully clothed and it was not at all warm! It was a really good night but everyone felt it the next morning. Once we were up and dressed on Sunday, we went to someones house who has the biggest back garden ever! There's monkeys, parrots, huge turtles and loads of different amazing animals there! We were entertained for such a long time by a simple conversation of exchanging hello's and whistles from the birds. At half past 5 that evening we went Go-Karting and it was so much fun but sadly... I lost almost every time! But hey, there's always next time to wipe the floor with them all ;) Once we got home we got the BBQ started for dinner and once again I was thrown in the pool..twice, no thanks to my mum who gave the boys permission to throw me in again (I was not amused) :(. We stayed up until about 1 playing 'Scene it' and the new 'pictionary', it was such a great laugh and I had such a great weekend.

Go-Karting. Watching the Olympics. Webcam Toy with Charlotte
Newly painted nails. Primark lip stain. 16th Birthday present
OOTD (Saturday). 18th birthday BBQ. Monkey at the house.
Now I'm at home again full of cold and being assisted with multiple cups of tea! How was your weekend? Get thrown in a pool fully clothed or was the victim in something similar?

Demi xxx

Friday, 3 August 2012


YAAAAY; the weekend is finally here!
It's Friday evening and I am sitting in my room all alone, painting my nails and being bored, my life has got super boring since the holidays started and to be honest.. I can't wait to go back to school in September, especially now that I will be starting in sixth form and can almost wear whatever I want (as long as it is up to school dress code standards of course!) although it would be great if I could find myself a job to earn my own money to spend on myself now that my birthday money has run out *sobs*.

Is there anyone my age looking for a summer job whilst waiting to go back to school in September? Has anyone had any luck finding a job?!

Anyway, I am going for an Indian tomorrow night for my friends 16th birthday and I can't wait to get dolled up and finally do something with my friends instead of being stuck indoors all day. Tomorrow I will post my outfit I wore out and where I went :)

Are you doing anything exciting this weekend? Or are you being a bum like me haha! I hope you all have a great weekend whatever you decide to do.

Demi xxx

Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Primark lipstain pen

Hi guys!
Okay, so today I went into town with my mum to find my best friend a birthday present and got some really nice bits for her sweet 16 but whilst being baffled about what to get her, I came across these new Lip stain pens in Primark..

I've tried the MaxFactor version and loved it but thought it to be a little pricey considering how long it lasts. So I thought I would give these a try for £1.50 each (I thought even this was a little over priced for Primark considering their lipsticks are 25p at the moment in my nearest store). I have wanted a bright pink lipstick for such a long time now but have never found the colour to match my skin tone etc, so I decided to try the lip stain to see if it would be right and if its not it's not to big of a loss. I also got the product in a bright red as I have been soooo jealous of all the girls that can pull such a bold colour off and still look amazing.

So I've spent my three pounds on my two pens and have been waiting all day to get home and finally try them out and after having to get drenched by the awful rain and walk in squelching espadrilles here I am in the comfort of my own home able to get my lips all over my new items!
I tried the pink pen out first and tried it on my arm first and the colour looked amazing, but when I went to coat my lips in the stuff it seemed to dry out like a felt tip does when you have left the lid off for a couple of hours:(. I tried squeezing the nib bit and shaking the pen to try and get it to come out and eventually it did, but no where near as bright as it did on my hand...
So I went to rub it off so I could try the red pen out, only problem being is that they really took the word 'stain' literally, and I couldn't get it to come off even after intense lip licking and rubbing seriously hard with a tissue. I decided to just put the red pen over the top of the pink because if it was anything like the other one it probably wouldn't show up anyway..but I was very wrong! The red pen works wonders and is not at all dried out and is such a bold statement! I would recommend everyone to try it out if looking for a bright red lipstick and at £1.50 you can't go wrong! I'm hoping the pink lip stain was just a one off and was the only one dried up or that it comes across bright on other people.
I finished my lips off with just a plain lipgloss top coat to make them look plump and glossy and I am so happy I have a red lip product that works and is a nice shade of red! I will definitely be using the red lip stain pen throughout the summer months left and all throughout the christmas period! I think I will use this up pretty quickly because I'm in love with it and I will definitely re-purchase this over and over again until the store no longer stock it haha!

Demi xxx

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


I've been loving the in season studded denim shorts over the past month or two but just can't fork out around 30£ for them, so I decided to go ahead and make them myself. I mean, how hard can it really be?!
I got slightly carried away with the studding, but hey.. it looks great!

As I don't own a pair of jeans that don't fit me (if only I knew how to do this before I cleared out my wardrobe!), I woke up one morning and had a nice stroll into town with my mum and scouted through several charity shops where I found old jeans and denim shorts each under £3.00  (HOOORAH! what a bargain!). I already had some random studs lying around the house so I decided to use them but you can purchase them on ebay in all colours and shapes.

What you will need;
- Old jeans or denim shorts
- Fabric scissors
- Studs of your choice

Step one: Try your jeans on and decide how short you want them to be. Mark a line and using your scissors cut along your line

Step two: Decide where you want to put your studs and how many you will be using

Step three: Using the prongs on the studs, push them through the denim and on the inside of the shorts, close over the prongs to secure them onto the jeans.

Step four: Carry on putting your studs on your shorts, if you want the bottom of  your shorts to look frayed get your scissors and on the inside pull out the bits of material

AND VOILA! Your shorts are now personally customised for under £5!

What do you think of these studded denim shorts? Are there any items of clothing you own that you have customised?

Demi xxx