Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sudocrem: spot treatment

Do you ever get just one really annoying stubborn spot on your face? Or suffer from multiple spots that you just want rid of? Sudocrem is an antiseptic healing cream which treats; Napkin rash, Eczema, Bed sores, Sunburn, minor burns, surface wounds, Acne and Chilblains. A few days ago my friend sent me a funny picture of himself with sudocrem all over his forehead, he said it was for his spots. A few pimple type spots have landed on my face over the past two days and i decided to give sudocrem a try.

 On Friday night i washed my face with normal soap and rinsed with hot water then splashed my face with cold water. I used a towel to dry my face and applied a thin layer on my forehead where my spots were, I left it on over night and in the morning my spots were less raised and the redness had gone down. I tried it again yesterday night but this time all over my face, when i got into bed with the cream on my face it started to feel warm and tingly but the label says that its normal for localised irritation to occur. i woke up this morning and my face feels smooth like a babies bottom. If you have spots you want to treat and you feel like you have tried everything else, i would recommend Sudocrem just to give it a go and you might just be surprised of the outcome. You can get Sudocrem over the counter in pharmacists and other shops like Boots and Superdrug. I have the 60g pot which has lasted me for at least a year with about half the pot left, Boots have the 125g on offer for £1.75 at the moment!

Let me know if you have tried it and the results you had!

Demi xxx


  1. oh i love this post!
    really good!
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  2. Thankyou so much! I looked at your blog and it's really good too!

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  3. I use it every time I'm in need! :) xx

  4. sudocrem is a life saver! use it for burns and rashes too... fab stuff!! xxx