Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Sultry lashes and Berry bold lips! | Christmas Make-up look

Seeing as though it's almost Christmas, I thought it was appropriate to do a little makeup look for you all ready for the festive parties! I went for lashes and lips for this look. If i was to wear this look for Christmas i would definitely pair it with a berry red, glitzy dress!


  I primed my face to create a smooth base before applying my Dream Satin liquid foundation. The primer ensures longer lasting power for my makeup which is essential for all party animals. I blended my foundation with my Real Techniques Stippling brush as i feel it gives the best, flawless looking finish to my skin!
Using a MUA eyeshadow powder, i filled in my eyebrows to give definition and structure to my face
I also used the MUA eyeshadow palette in Undress Me Too and used the shades Lavish (a matte light brown), along with Fiery and Tranquil (two shimmer based shadows) to give a bit of sparkle
 To contour and bronze my face I used my Bourjois chocolate bronzer, tracing the outline of my cheekbones and taking it up to my temples to give a chiseled look.
I added some long sultry lashes, long and plain to match my eyeshadow. This look is all about the bold lips!
On my lips i used a Kate Moss lipstick in 60/09 (depending which way up it goes) followed by Rimmel's vinyl gloss which gave shine and shimmer!
 At the moment, I am really into head pieces and Bindi's so i just added a small crystal Bindi to finish off the look.

My Christmas nail colour!

 I was buying some Barry M nail varnishes as Christmas presents for a friend and the 3 for 2 offer was on and it was silly not to get one free.. So I may have purchased two nail varnishes for myself!

As it's winter and Christmas is literally just around the corner, I decided to pick out this beautiful 'Raspberry' colour, a deep pink/red polish from the normal polish collection.

I'm not the biggest fan of the Barry M nail varnish quality, however, out of all brands, I feel like Barry M have the biggest and best (if i must) colour and shade range.

It's my fave polish for Christmas at the minute and I really do think it captures the festiveness as a colour! 

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

It's been so long!

Hi guys, I know it's been forever since my last post and I am sorry. The past few months, or in fact this whole year, has just flown by.

It started when I bought myself a new camera and realised I didn't have a memory card for it (and still don't!).  I have also been so busy with lots of school work, driving lessons, work etc and I just haven't really felt motivated to blog. It has been quite a crappy time for me lately but I'm hoping now that December is here and Christmas is well on it's way that I will get back onto blogging.

Throughout December I'm hoping to post quite a lot as I feel I have a lot of catching up to do! I've really missed posting and editing my pictures and I can't wait to snap lots of festive photo's!