Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Flower Beanie | DIY

Seeing as though daisy prints are really in at the minute, and autumn is growing on us, i decided to customise a beanie by adding a girly touch to it (I also had to do something/anything to it as it made me look like i should be in prison ha!) 

Beanie- Primark - £2/2.50
Daisy Headband - Primark - £1.50
   It was sooo easy to do and also extremely cheap!


First off i cut the flowers off of the headband, and arranged them on the hat. I went for the rolled up edge although it may look quite cute dotted all over the hat. 


Once i decided on a pattern, i used my hot glue gun to add a small (smaller than a pea size) blob of glue on the back of the daisy and pressed firmly onto the hat.

It's really versatile as it can be done on any type of hat as well as different colours and by adding studs instead of flowers etc.

I took this hat to my dads with me and unfortunately left it there meaning i have no pictures of me wearing it with an OOTD or anything:( But I'm sure there will be in the up coming weeks!

Have you incorporated summer into Autumn DIY's? Are you excited for the colder months?