Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Sultry lashes and Berry bold lips! | Christmas Make-up look

Seeing as though it's almost Christmas, I thought it was appropriate to do a little makeup look for you all ready for the festive parties! I went for lashes and lips for this look. If i was to wear this look for Christmas i would definitely pair it with a berry red, glitzy dress!


  I primed my face to create a smooth base before applying my Dream Satin liquid foundation. The primer ensures longer lasting power for my makeup which is essential for all party animals. I blended my foundation with my Real Techniques Stippling brush as i feel it gives the best, flawless looking finish to my skin!
Using a MUA eyeshadow powder, i filled in my eyebrows to give definition and structure to my face
I also used the MUA eyeshadow palette in Undress Me Too and used the shades Lavish (a matte light brown), along with Fiery and Tranquil (two shimmer based shadows) to give a bit of sparkle
 To contour and bronze my face I used my Bourjois chocolate bronzer, tracing the outline of my cheekbones and taking it up to my temples to give a chiseled look.
I added some long sultry lashes, long and plain to match my eyeshadow. This look is all about the bold lips!
On my lips i used a Kate Moss lipstick in 60/09 (depending which way up it goes) followed by Rimmel's vinyl gloss which gave shine and shimmer!
 At the moment, I am really into head pieces and Bindi's so i just added a small crystal Bindi to finish off the look.

My Christmas nail colour!

 I was buying some Barry M nail varnishes as Christmas presents for a friend and the 3 for 2 offer was on and it was silly not to get one free.. So I may have purchased two nail varnishes for myself!

As it's winter and Christmas is literally just around the corner, I decided to pick out this beautiful 'Raspberry' colour, a deep pink/red polish from the normal polish collection.

I'm not the biggest fan of the Barry M nail varnish quality, however, out of all brands, I feel like Barry M have the biggest and best (if i must) colour and shade range.

It's my fave polish for Christmas at the minute and I really do think it captures the festiveness as a colour! 

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

It's been so long!

Hi guys, I know it's been forever since my last post and I am sorry. The past few months, or in fact this whole year, has just flown by.

It started when I bought myself a new camera and realised I didn't have a memory card for it (and still don't!).  I have also been so busy with lots of school work, driving lessons, work etc and I just haven't really felt motivated to blog. It has been quite a crappy time for me lately but I'm hoping now that December is here and Christmas is well on it's way that I will get back onto blogging.

Throughout December I'm hoping to post quite a lot as I feel I have a lot of catching up to do! I've really missed posting and editing my pictures and I can't wait to snap lots of festive photo's!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Flower Beanie | DIY

Seeing as though daisy prints are really in at the minute, and autumn is growing on us, i decided to customise a beanie by adding a girly touch to it (I also had to do something/anything to it as it made me look like i should be in prison ha!) 

Beanie- Primark - £2/2.50
Daisy Headband - Primark - £1.50
   It was sooo easy to do and also extremely cheap!


First off i cut the flowers off of the headband, and arranged them on the hat. I went for the rolled up edge although it may look quite cute dotted all over the hat. 


Once i decided on a pattern, i used my hot glue gun to add a small (smaller than a pea size) blob of glue on the back of the daisy and pressed firmly onto the hat.

It's really versatile as it can be done on any type of hat as well as different colours and by adding studs instead of flowers etc.

I took this hat to my dads with me and unfortunately left it there meaning i have no pictures of me wearing it with an OOTD or anything:( But I'm sure there will be in the up coming weeks!

Have you incorporated summer into Autumn DIY's? Are you excited for the colder months?

Friday, 23 August 2013

Sunflower & Strawberry nails! | Tutorial

Paint each of your nails with a base colour of your choice, strawberries look nice against a pastel pink but i decided to use my Essie Sweet Talker, a shimmery pastel blue.


 Taking a mustard yellow, if you have a nail art pen or a nail tool, in the corners or sides of the nail make half a flower shape using line strokes.


 For the strawberries, using a red or deep pink make rounded triangular shapes over the nail.


 Fill in the flower petal gaps by adding more or using a different shade of yellow. Once dry, create half moon shapes using a red toned brown for the centre of the flower.


 To make the leafy tops to your strawberries, take a forest green colour and a thin brush. Create a small line for a stalk and continue for 1/4 of the strawberry. Make two more leaf shape lines on either side of the central line to look like draping leaves.


Add small black or darker brown dots in the sunflowers centre to look like seeds and finish with a clear top coat.

How summery are these nails?! Have you tried any sunflower nail art or added strawbs to your nails?

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

£4 3D Ruffle Bikini Bottoms!

RRP £30.00!!!

These gorgeous slightly off-white bikini bottoms are a complete bargain. We all know that American Apparel isn't the cheapest of shops, but even i couldn't believe it when i saw these on the AA website for £4, yes just £4 in the sale!! They are slightly high waisted and the material is really soft and cosy. They are quite heavy so you can tell they are good quality but not weighted enough to drag once you've been in the water. Their texture is a soft 3D ruffle and they hug your bum and flatter your waist by slightly pulling you in. I was so excited when these arrived and now i just need a bikini top to go with them and a holiday to wear them on!

Have you recently ordered anything from American Apparel? What is your fave bikini like?

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Thrift shop finds | Flatforms!

I recently went into my local charity shop and found these little babies. I have wanted flatform for at least the past year but could never find any in my size etc. So when i found these, originally from primark and never worn, i was so excited. I wasn't too keen on the slight raise wedge as i wanted some completely flat flatforms but these were just £4. I think they look super cute with frilly socks (socks pictured Primark £1.50) and they are sweet in the summer but will also look nice in the colder months for Christmas parties etc. I really like the ideas of platforms, they give slight height and are ideal for taller people like myself who love heels but don't always want to look gigantic in comparison to everyone around you. 

Have you found any recent thrift shop bargains? Whats the best thing you have bought from a charity shop?

Monday, 19 August 2013

Simply Soap & Glory!

the righteous butter, scrub 'em and leave 'em, flake away
clean on me & clean, girls
hand food, mist you madly
Soap & Glory are one of the things that i thank my blog for. If you have never heard of the brand you must live under a rock. The scents are amazing, the quality is amazing, the quality is cute and the thing i love most about the products are the creativity and play of words of the names. A few examples are pictured above; Flake away- a body polish to soften the skin and rid of dry skin, Hand Food- a cream to moisturise and soften your hands, Mist You Madly- a flirty body mist consisting of sweet floral tones.

I tend to steer towards the travel sizes because they are cheap and i can experiment with them. The brand also do makeup etc which i am desperate to try. You can purchase this brand in Boots and there are 3 for 2 deals on fairly often!

Have you tried any soap and glory products? What would you recommend?

Thursday, 8 August 2013

'cos we make the hipsters fall in love

I love a good hat, from bowler hats to beanies i like the way they can add to your outfit. I don't necessarily have a 'style' when it comes to the things i wear, i like to think I'm open to all sorts of clothes and not associated to specific types. Beanies tend to be stuck on 'hipsters' and grunge styles but i think they suite all types of people!

Burgundy knitted beanie hat- £2- Primark

This is going to be a staple piece for me in Autumn and Winter, its so versatile and also comes in black and grey- you will most likely see them in pictures in the future as its more than likely i will be purchasing them all!

Wednesday, 31 July 2013



A year ago today I ventured into the blogosphere and typed my first post introducing demiDOODLES. Since then I have written 49 posts with this being post number 50! Not very many compared to some due to being at school and getting a job. I have accumulated 97 followers which is amazing compared to the 15 I had for the first several months. I can't believe a year has gone past, I have learnt so much and honestly feel that this has given me the confidence boost my mumma always said I needed! Thank you to everyone who follows me and comments on my posts.

Its the summer holidays now and I have so many posts I can't wait to share with you. Im gonna start saving for a new camera and will spend more time organising/scheduling/typing/editing/socialising with my blog and everyone that's here.

P.s  I love talking to people and making friends, as well as finding new blogs to read and follow so feel free to talk to me!

Love Demi  X X X