Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Bourjois Paris Bio detox Organic Foundation | Review

Ever since i started wearing make-up, i never really understood the point in foundation.. Not to float my own boat but my skin has always been quite soft and smooth so i was happy at that.

However.. since I'm a bit older and started blogging, i see all these people trying out new foundations and being able to tell the difference between the quality of each brand and having flawless, photo-ready skin. I decided it was time to jump on the bandwagon and see what the fuss was about and that's what i did...

I purchased the Bourjois Paris-Bio detox Organic Foundation in the shade 53- 'Light Beige', i have fairly pale skin with very pink cheeks for the majority of the time so i got the second lightest shade and thought if it was too light there would be something i could do to blend it (maybe use some bronzer or something).. It retails for £10.99 although i got it from fragrance direct for just £2.99 saving myself a great 8 pounds! The pot is a pump product dispenser which i liked, and the bottle reads: Fresh & even complexion detoxified skin, Chlorophyll- brings oxygen & filters pollution

It would be really great to be able to tell you how amazing this product is and how its my new makeup bag staple but i couldn't force myself to lie to you guys

Truth is, after reading some reviews on this foundation i was in a bit of a sticky dilemma as to whether to actually buy it or not, i got it at a discount price and there were an equal amount of good v bad reviews, so i thought it was my place to see for myself, after all- everyone's skin works differently with different foundations

When applying, i squirt small amounts onto the back of my hand and apply to each section of my face (cheeks, forehead, chin etc), it seems to dry out rather quickly making it start to drag across your face instead of gliding smoothly making you want to apply force when rubbing it in to avoid patches, also, once it is applied it is left feeling dewy and slightly sticky. It has a really nice smell to it, almost like cucumbers which makes it feel fresh. Although it is quite a thick foundation, it only gives a medium coverage, which is good for everyday use. I found it difficult to work with, this being due to the fact that i never knew i had dry patches of my face and this foundation certainly made it its job to let me know by clinging to these areas on my face leaving them a more orangey tone compared to the rest of my face.

I don't feel like it lasted a great deal on my face and would say, if i had time, i would be reapplying it around 2-3 times a day which is not exactly ideal for me.

I would only recommend this product for parties, nights out or events that don't occur on a daily basis but other than that i was rather disappointed with this product :(

Have any of you tried it? What are your thoughts or what foundations would you recommend me trying?

Demi xxxxx