Thursday, 27 June 2013

A trip to the zoo! | 17th Birthday

If you read my previous post, or follow me on twitter, you will know it was my birthday on tuesday the 25th of June.

I finished school at 11am that day so me and mum took full advantage of the weather and went to the zoo!

For today's post i just wanted to show you some of the pictures i took on my amazing day out so you can also enjoy the animals i saw and the fun i had..



These are just some of the pictures i could upload, but i had an amazing day and loved seeing all the cutie animals, wish i could keep them all :)

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Cut-Out Demi Wedges | EBAY find!

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear Demiiiii, happy birthday to me. A day late but who only celebrates their birthday for one day? Not me that's for sure!

It was my birthday yesterday (25/06/2013) and i turned 17! hoorahhh some may say, still young but old enough to drive a car.. i wish i could share this excitement. Of course I'll be learning to drive etc but i don't want to get any older, i wanna stay young forever :(!



Anyway, for my birthday i asked for a beautiful pair of heel/wedges and ironically they are called 'Demi wedges'! How cool, a pair of shoes with the same name as you? don't tell me that you wouldn't get super OTT excited about that!

I ordered them myself but my mum paid for them so i could chose the colour and size etc.
I chose the white pair as i don't own white heels at all. They are called 'demi wedges' as their heels are cut out and kinda half heeled and demi meaning 'half' in french kinda suited the style.

They were £22.99 including P&P (really quick postage too-*bonus*) which is not bad at all for a pair of killer heels. They are high and me being fairly tall they push me way past the 6 foot mark but i love them that much it doesn't bother me that i look like a giant!

Monday, 3 June 2013

Fragrance Direct | Mini Beauty Haul

Hi guys!

The other week my order from Fragrance Direct came through the post and i just wanna show you what i got..

For those of you who don't know, Fragrance Direct is an online website that sell makeup, perfume, bath and body stuff, hair products etc, for a low cost.

I can't remember exactly how i came across them but i have been ordering with them since January and i absolutely love what they have to offer, it's a good place for all you beauty testers who want to try new things but cant justify forking out £10 for a lipstick that you may hate (or am i the only one who feels this way?!)

Since January, my order's ALWAYS consist of Essie nail polishes because at £1.99 a bottle, you can get 3 or 4 for the same price as you'd pay for just 1 bottle in boots etc.

This time round i got the shades 'Fear or Desire' a vibrant neon orange-perfect for the upcoming summer months, and i also got 'Off The Shoulder'- a very girly, pretty pink!

RRP each: £7.99 in boots

I have been wanting to try the Kate Moss Lipsticks from Rimmel and when i saw them on the website i just couldn't say no, so i got 2.

RRP: £5.49
Not very summery shades, but gorgeous colours eh?

I also picked up a cheap mascara, i used to used this and i actually really liked it considering how cheap it was, it lengthens my lashes whilst thickening them at the roots given a nice coat of product.7

Including packaging, i think i spent £14 which is so amazing when it should have come to at least £20!

Have you bought anything from Fragrance Direct? Or tried any of these products?