Wednesday, 28 November 2012

OOTD: a bowler hat

Hey there partnerrrrs (I'm not sure why i just said that, maybe its because I'm a cowboy in disguise...)

I hope you are all as fab as can be on this wet evening! So yesterday was my schools presentation/awards evening and i got invited to pick up my official GCSE CERTIFICATES, so off i tottered with my mum and got them. I didn't know i was going therefore i didn't know the dress code so i guessed a smart casual would do just fine and so i thought i would show you what i wore

This is my first outfit of the day post therefore my posing is pretty awful so please forgive me, also the picture quality and cropping out of feet and legs is really bad but that's my mums fault hehe!

Hat-Camden market: £20
Coat- Bon Marche (was given so not sure how much)
Blouse- Also given so not sure where from sorry!
Under control leggings- Primark: £4 
Ankle boots- Primark- £14

 I also learnt to do fish plaits not so long ago so i decided to use a curling wand to create some loose curls and do a small fishy plait on one side-just to be different 

Demi xxxx

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Nailing it this christmas!

Okay so on a happier note from my previous post about shyness and confidence (read here) i decided to show you some of the nail art i have been doing on false nails lately..

 A snowflake, a snowman, christmas lights, a penguin, holly and a christmas tree! (i added a snowing effect to this picture to make it more christmassy because in case you don't know.. its 34 days and counting!!)

 Here are my own nails, red and multi-coloured glitter with a super cute reindeer on the ring finger!

recently, i have also been doing friends nails to earn a little extra christmas money and I've also been learning/experimenting with acrylics/gel nails. I first tried it out on my friend, then my own and then another friend, it takes me aaaages to do them because of the amount of time they take to dry but the finished results were lush with the bright red nails and gemmed ring finger!

If you would like any tutorials or nail polish colour names etc just leave a comment, tweet me or whatever and I'll happily inform you

Have you been trying out any christmas nails, or any other designs for that matter? i would love to see some!!

Demi xxxxx

Monday, 19 November 2012

Confidence vs shyness..

Today's post is something i have wanted to share with you guys for quite a while, something i have found interesting to think about and work on so I'm hoping you are fascinated too..

Shyness- Throughout my whole life my primary school teachers always told me i was too shy and too quiet, through the first years of secondary schools at parents evening every teacher repeated the exact same things as I'd heard from my previous teachers. Although they told me my behaviour was good, i was polite and well mannered the phrase 'a little angel to teach' wasn't true-they wanted me to change, come out of my shell and have an input in class. At the time, that just wasn't me. I was the shy one who would never call out, always do as i was told even if it was a time to stand up for myself. No one ever really noticed me and i felt as if i blended in with the walls or something. Until around 2 years ago i was still that same girl until i realised that i had been hiding away from anything and everything and i thought it was time for a change. I grew up, stood up tall with my head high and as a start i would make an effort to make new friends, answer things in class (only if i knew the answer 100% though!) and just have a different view point on life. As time went by i was confident enough to just have fun in life, as that is what its about-to just enjoy it whilst it lasts. Shyness can be the factor that enables everything to knock you down no matter how hard you try and it can make you unhappy and feel left out of any situation by over thinking and feeling lonely.

Confidence- Confidence is something that can help someone make friends and do things that aren't necessarily within their comfort zones. In the past year a LOT has happened to me, my family, people living local to me etc, enough stuff to make me crawl back into that shell of mine and never speak a word again, it has been the toughest time of my life and everything seems to have took a turn for the worst, just a few examples are; a house fire (kitchen, conservatory, hallway, landing and front room damaged- ALL BECAUSE OF A CHIP PAN-Cupboard doors were burnt, the light fell down, the fridge melted and so much more (even if you are young, check your fire alarms work!))

Picture 1-Snap of the burnt kitchen, 2-mum and dad last year June, 3-R.I.P Tasha xxxx
My beautiful baby girl was put to sleep 2-3 months ago due to old age, her back legs giving up on her and losing control of her bowels, it was hard to watch her go but even harder to watch her suffer (rip Tasha!), the split of my parents this year after 27 years of marriage has been extremely hard, and so much more believe me. But minus the negatives that could, would and should have caused me to stop being the new me, i picked myself up and moved on by thinking of the positives of the year such as; my 16th birthday, prom, completing my GCSE's and getting good grades, starting sixth form, saying yes to more i wouldn't usually say yes too, keeping my head up and concentrating on making myself happy.

Prom, starting my blog, 16th birthday cake, end of school!

So what I'm trying to say (in a long essay kind of way) is that if you are like the way i used to be, think about how its going to effect you in the future with school, uni, work etc as confidence is a big thing in life that can can make you strong enough to face almost anything or knock you down and prevent you from doing so many things. You are what you make of yourself and life is also what you make it so live life to the fullest, laugh as much as you can, take risks and never EVER regret things that have once made you happy!

I hope you have all had an amazing year and none of you have had to go through what i have.

Love from Demi xxxxx

Sunday, 11 November 2012

GOLD! Always believe in your soul..

Yesterday i took another little trip into town (seems to be becoming a very regular occurrence lately!) and the idea was to get a few more christmas bits, I'm doing chrimbo shopping in sections and picking up little bits here and there this year, and i actually managed to pick my mum up some of the things she wanted but once again i ended up buying myself a few nick nacks and i decided to show you something that I'm really happy with..

It's very similar to my technic 'mermaid' and 'carnival' nail varnish but its from poundland!? There were blue, green and purple versions of this polish but the gold stood out for me and I'm so glad i bought it, i must admit i spent about 20 minutes in poundland uming and ahing, debating whether to buy it and as soon as i got home i painted it on top of my primark bright pink polish and its so lush. It doesn't have different types of gold in it but its got small and big rounded glitter flecks in it and its a really good rep for some high priced brand versions of glitter polishes! £1 BARGAIN!!

Another thing i picked up from poundland was this little wheel of butterfly and dragonfly nail decorations of all different colours, they are so pretty and i cant wait to use them..

They even come with a mini nail file and wooden stick for easier application! I say get yourself to poundland and see what you can find, i even noticed they sell Revlon polishes in there too!

Demi xxxx

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

my christmas wishlist..

I cant believe christmas is just around the corner, its only about 47 days or something and if you tell me that doesn't excite you I'm sorry but you must be mad!

I get excited every year around September/October time even though it gets pretty boring on the actual day (not being ungrateful, just don't have family that come round!) but i love the build up, the cold snuggly weather and turning the christmas music on and getting the tree up and decorated!

Anywaay, i made a little wishlist of a some things i would quite like for christmas..

George (Asda) light pink hooded dressing gown £14; i've already seen this in my mums wardrobe (hehe oops) but i get a new dressing gown every year as i grow out of them so quickly, and this one has a hood!

UV nail lamp; this is to help with my nail art and acrylic nails as they take aaaages to dry on their own!

Make-up Brushes; i don't mind what make these are but i could do with some good quality make up brushes this year

Kate Moss-Lilabelle perfume; I got this for christmas last year and it has just run out but i absolutely LOVE it, it smells so pretty and lush, even if i don't get this for christmas i will definitely re-purchase it in the new year

Jessie J Nice to Meet you; Jessie J is one of my all time favourite singer performers i just think she is so talented and down to earth, my best friend told me she would get me this book for christmas and i cant wait to read it !!

Black Suede Heel-less heels (Sculpted heels); I was going to get some for prom but they were over £30 and with my dress being £300 it was a major no no and i didn't think i'd last in them as they look fairly uncomfortable.. oh how i was wrong. I went into town with my mum at the weekend and we both tried some similar on and they were surprisingly comfy as heels go, no different to any other shoes and less pressure on the heels of your feet

This is my christmas list, what are you hoping for? Also, the book i won by Jenny Colgan arrived 2 days ago and i've started reading it already, thank you Helen from 'fragile bird'. Enjoy your week

Demi xxxxx

Friday, 2 November 2012

Primark pieces..

Okay so as i said not too long ago, i started my christmas shopping but actually bought myself some bits.

Primark is by far my favourite shop, it has everything for such good prices but over the past year or so, their prices have definitely crept their way up for no reason what so ever and i am not a happy bunny. I remember the days when you could buy a pretty knitted jumper for £5, perfect pj sets for no more than £4 and so on and i cant ever seem tot find clothes for less than £8 now and that's just for a simple blouse or plain jumper..

But, rant aside, i love finding cheap beauty bits or jewellery and i get so excited seeing a sale rack with a '£5' sign on it (being the cheapskate i am). I never seem to buy lots of things in one trip to primark, i get bits here and there and although its only 3 things, i thought it would be nice to share with you what i have been enjoying lately from the wonderland itself...

The first thing i bought was this leopard/cheetah print short sleeved blouse from £12 to £5! It has pretty gold button at the front and on the sleeves and black shoulders and its just so pretty.

Next was this 4 pack of nail varnishes which consist of purple, bright pink, mint green and baby blue which were only £2. I tried these on my nails a few weeks back and they lasted so well and only needed 2 coats which isn't at all bad considering they are primark! 

And last but not least, when i got to the check out of one of my trips to primark, my mum spotted this product which is Argan Oil. It states that it is a healing shine hair treatment and cost around £2.50. I used it on my hair 2 nights ago; washed my hair, blow dried it and out a small amount through the ends of my hairs (avoiding roots as the instructions say) and then straightened it as i usually would. I must admit, my hair has been feeling really dry and horrible lately but after using this i actually felt a difference, it looks healthier and feels slightly more soft, and im hoping after a few more drops of this my hair will be back to its natural soft self in no time. I would definitely recommend this oil if your hair feels dry or frizzed at the ends from straighteners and blow dryers etc.

Hope you have all had a good week and enjoyed halloween?! Also, have any of you found anything worth browsing for in primark lately? One last thing (i seem to ramble a lot lately, i know) BUT, i won a competition last night thanks to Helen ! A Jenny Colgan book which i cannot wait to read eeek!!

Demi xxxxx