Saturday, 26 January 2013

I went shopping! | Primark Haul

Everyone knows that almost every shop has a mega sale for the first few weeks after Christmas to sell off their old stock ready for the new season stock.. And this month i got paid for my new job at Tesco's.. I got a lot more than i was expecting too get and so i thought it was almost my duty to go out and see what bargains i could grab!

This post is just showing you most of the things i have bought this month mainly from primark (their sales are THE best, its a cheap shop with even cheaper sales !)

This pleated knee length skirt it comes with a thin cheetah/leopard print belt came in at £3 (although it was actually marked at 2:( ), i got it in a size 10 but it has an elasticated waist

Cotton pads for £1 and are really good for removing eye makeup and nail varnish

Relaxing face masks are only 90p

The hand gel smells so nice and lemony and is an easy 'throw in your bag' item

I actually love this hairbrush; it does the job, was only £2.50 and its pink!

The make up isn't known to be the best quality but when you just want to try things out and experiment, its good for the price before spending a bomb on the real deal.

The orange/dark coral lipstick is probably my favourite lipstick at the minute and that's saying something, its creamy and goes on really well and the colour stains your lips for a good few hours!

This blue satchel bag was only a fiver and it reminds me of the vintagey ones that everyones loving right now, i use it for school and its so spacey

Silver cross earrings -£1
5 pack of pretty socks for £3 or £3.50, they do the best socks in primark! 
12 pack of earrings for £2.50?! silver and gold studs, turquoise eyes, gold and silver stars, silver hands, triangle crystal/stone, silver crosses, gold and silver peace signs, Buddha type and wings!

WHO REMEMBERS THESE?! Glow in the dark ceiling stars for £1 in primark, my childhood is being relived as they are up already!!

That's the majority of my Primark haul, give or take a blouse and some pj's etc! What have you bought from Primark recently?

Demi xxxxxx

Friday, 11 January 2013

DIY PROJECT: aztec customised denim shorts

Hi you cheeky bunch of beauties;-)

If you follow me on twitter, you may already know that a few days ago i was given some white-ish levi's jeans.. Only problem being is that they were slightly not long enough for my legs and flared/boot cut which i don't really like, so me being a diy addict, i decided to cut them up ready for the summer..

On my computer i have a big photo album of loads of different diy projects and customising I'd like to try out as well as on my pinterest, so i had a little browse through them and remembered saving a picture of denim shorts with a tribal aztec elephant print on them and thought they would look so cute in the summer. So down i sat with my acrylic paint (if you do this i advise using fabric paint as I'm not sure if the acrylic will last!), a paintbrush, scissors, pencil and my jeans..

1. First off i marked where i wanted to cut them, folded them over and cut along the line so both legs were symmetrical

2. Next i frayed the bottoms so they had a vintage/distressed look to them using a sharp nail art tool, you can use a sewing stitch picker thing (if you know what that is by my amazing description;) ) -anything small and sharp!

3. After that i used my pencil to draw on my design so i knew where i wanted to be painting

4. Using my black acrylic paint and a thin paintbrush i started to fill in the lines i had created until i had gone over all of the pencil

5. Leave the paint to dry and there you have it.. tribal aztec elephant shorts!

 I really do appologise for the bad picture quality in my posts, i have a blackberry and they are not at all known for their amazing camera quality, but i may start using my big camera again!

These are a great way to customise your favourite jeans/old jeans that don't fit you anymore etc, would be gorgeous for the festivals in the summer etc!

Hope you like my little diy project, how have you customized your denim shorts in the past? and what types of shorts will you be wearing in summer 2013?!

Demi xxxxx

Thursday, 3 January 2013

2012 | What i got for christmas!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2012 was great for you all and i hope 2013 is even better.

Today's post is just a little sum up of the amazing gifts i got this christmas, this is no way a braggy post or anything i just saw most bloggers doing it so thought I'd jump on the bandwagon..

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

 PINK! UV nail lamp, sculpted/heel less heels, Jessie J-nice to meet you, Kate Moss perfume, Faux Fur coat!
click to enlarge
2 Topshop dresses.
(sorry for the awful picture quality, its really dark where i live and flash just does the pictures no justice whatsoever!)

I also got some other bits and bobs including a brand new, 24 set of makeup brushes which will definitely be reviewed very soon :D

I am soooo grateful and happy with everything i got this Christmas, i cant believe how spoilt i was that day!
Hope you all had amazing days and that whilst opening presents etc you appreciated everyone around you and made sure everyone knows just how much you care for them as to me.. that's what christmas is all about!

More posts to follow this one to make up for the lack of blogging i have been doing (or not doing) over the past few months and I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for demiDOODLES!

Demi xxxxxx