Monday, 20 May 2013

Kukee | Amazing statement jewellery online store!

Hi guys :) So recently I came across an online jewellery store called Kukee, visit here, which is an English based online jewellery store.

I looked through the majority of their website to see what they had to offer, there was quite a lot and when i went back i saw some bits i wish i go too!

I ordered on Friday 17th of May, postage is £2.20 for me and the website claim that postage is between 4-6 days. I few minutes after i had placed my order, the website was updated with a message saying that she had gone away and orders would be dispatched on her return. Lucky for me, she sent out my order that very day.

I woke up that Saturday morning, and whilst getting ready for work i noticed a small brown package in front of my door with my name written across it! I was soooo super excited and grateful that my order had come so quickly (although it was due to circumstances).

Okay so now you are probably wondering what the big fuss is about? well if you haven't checked the store out yet I'll show you my picks from Kukee!

First up i got this 'Hamsa Palm Moon and Star' Necklace which was just £2! It is a beautifully detailed Hamsa hand in an antique silver. It comes on a 18" chain sitting below the collar bone.

My attention was immediately drawn to this gorgeous pendant necklace. It is a small antique silver disk with two hands making a pinkie promise. I bought two of these, one for me and one for my best friend, and they cost just £2. This one is also on a 18" chain.

The last thing i picked up i had seen whilst browsing through blogger, which is this infinity bracelet on a burnt red colour cord/chain. I have worn this since i got it and its so comfortable to wear you hardly notice it, although other people do as I've had compliments on it! This one was £2.50- i know, what amazing prices for such amazing items! The infinity symbol and chain are in a gold colour and it does up with a clip hook and several links to change the size!

Overall I'm over the moon with what i bought and i have already been eyeing up my future purchases such as a gold lion head chain necklace for just £4 and also 2 antique coloured above the knuckle rings!

This purchase came with a business/contact card and also 20% off my next purchase which is so generous and amazing!

Have you ordered anything from Kukee or seen anything on the website you might like?

Demi X X X 

Friday, 17 May 2013

Cut out Heart top | DIY

If i was good enough, everything in my wardrobe would be made by me!

Hi guys, i haven't done a DIY project in months and i can tell you now.. it felt so good to chop up old clothes!

Today I'm showing you this Heart cut out top that i did the other day. It was made from a top i hated and was throwing away, and now i love it.

Its great for summer and will work well with a bandeau bra or a backless bra to show some flesh and also thrown over the top of a bikini!

Its really simple and took me no more than 20 minutes maximum.

I cut the stretchy cinched in strip off the bottom, depending on your top type, you can cut off the sleeves, cut the neck line off etc.

I used a marker to draw a heart free hand in the middle of the back. You can use a stencil or something to draw around to get the perfect shape.

Cut it out and there you have it, your very own diy cut out top!
               I love mine and i can't wait to style it!:D

Have you tried any cut out diy's lately?

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Demi  X X X

Thursday, 16 May 2013

80's style dungaree's...

Hello beauty's..

Today I've got a post on my favourite clothing piece that i own right now which are these light wash denim dungaree's.
please ignore my facial expression, my mum took the photo before i was ready!!!
Dungaree's tend to go in and out of fashion every few years and 2013 being a year that they are totally in for the spring and summer. I have been trying to get my mitts on a pair for yeaaars, i found short and skirt styles but i just couldn't settle for them and i definitely couldn't justify the £40+ price tag. I even started looking in charity shops but just my luck, i had no luck.

Until a few weeks back i was in Primark in my local shopping centre and was looking near the jeans and printed shorts section. Whilst rummaging i found myself pick up 2 pairs of dungarees, one dark wash shorts pair and one pale full length pair in a size 12, too big bit teamed with a thin belt they work really well.

I have only worn there out once and that was the day after i got them, i didn't get to put much thought into what to wear them with but i don't think it looked tooooo bad, pretty plain Jane and simple if you ask me.

Dungaree's - Primark
Black Sleeveless Turtle neck top - Warehouse (£1.50 charity shop find)
Thin Brown belt - Primark
Black Creepers - Primark

They were £17, although still a little pricey, they are totally worth it. They have a distressed rip effect to give a vintage 80's vibe but they look and feel like really great quality. The hard wear on the braces and the buttons up the side seem like they have had a lot of effort put into them and i LOVE them. Definitely a staple piece in my wardrobe throughout the next few months (i even think they will look super cute in the winter months too.)
looks like hippy central in my garden!

Will you be sporting the dungaree trend this year? If so, what will you team them with?!

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Demi X X X

Friday, 10 May 2013

Soap & Glory 'Flake Away' | Review

This next statement makes me really sad but also extremely happy..
If it wasn't for starting my blog, i would have never known of Soap & Glory!

I'm so happy i decided to start my blog being that Soap and Glory are one of my main perks that i gained from it!

I saw so many people raving over these products so when i was next in Boots it was a must that i purchased something. And so i did..

I bought my very first product which was the sample/travel size of the Flake Away body polish and boy am i sure glad i did!

You know those baths every so often when i feel the need to get everything out and pamper yourself to the extreme, whether its due to stress from work, overload on school work or just the every day tasks are getting on top of you, I'm sure we all like to treat ourselves once in a while.

When i do this i use face packs, bubbles and oils and i even get the candles and relaxing songs out.

Flake Away became a staple piece for this routine within a matter of minutes after using it.

Packaging: The whole soap and glory range are made of a watermelon pink and yellow/cream colour packaging. They contrast between the two in which will be the dominant colour. Flake Away is the watermelon pink with white writing and the Soap and Glory stamp on top. Cute with a vintage vibe behind it.

Smell: If you haven't smelt the signature scent, there is no hope for you understanding a description on it. It smells fruity but not over powering and.. well there is no point trying to explain, it's too good for words and only you can put your own description to it!

Appearance: A natural brown sugar colour with flecks of browns throughout (peach seed i think!)

Feel on skin: When you open your pot and scoop some out, its a sticky consistency with lumpy sugar inside, you rub it onto your skin and instantly feel the grains doing their job, it softens the skin but not in a way that hurts or scrapes. You can instantly feel the benefits as it hydrates your skin, unusual for a body scrub!. Once you have rubbed it into the skin, rinse away and your skin is left feeling super soft and smooth!

Main ingredients: Shea butter, sugar and peach seed.

Advantages: Soft, smooth, hydrated skin. (They even give a caution notice 'Careful! avoid application over irritated skin abrasions, as salt scrubs can sting), showing they care for their customers!

Cost: The sample/travel pot i got was £2.50 for 50ml (although Boots often have 3 for 2 deals etc!)

Have you tried any of the soap and glory products? if so, which is your favourite?

Demi X X X

Sunday, 5 May 2013

ESSIE: Cascade Cool | Review

The first time i used/bought an Essie polish was back in January, and i won't lie.. I fell in love! It literally was like love at first sight.

Today I have a review on Cascade Cool, a shade of my ever growing nail polish collection.

When i received this polish, i took one look at it and immediately thought of fruity yoghurt's i used to eat as a youngster, you know the ones i mean- Cherry, Strawberry and Raspberry with the bits in? Not that this nail varnish has lumps or seeds in it-haha!

It's almost a lavender leading pink with slight blue undertones seeping through.

Essie are one of my all time favourite polishes, due to the brushes being a perfect width to cover the whole nail in one swipe but carry enough product to give an even, fully coated finish.

This particular polish is a creamy consistency, and only needs two coats at a push (1 coat still looks amazing), but leaves a glossy, high shine look once dried.

An amazing colour to wear casually throughout the spring and summer months for an almost pastel vibe but can also compliment a more classy put together outfit to look a little high class.

Definitely a colour i would recommend checking out because i adore it so very much.

Have you tried any of the Essie polishes? Which shade is your favourite?

Demi X X X

Thursday, 2 May 2013

April favourites!! | demiDOODLES

Where did April go?!

It's the 2nd of May already.. where has this year gone can somebody please tell me! On the other hand, I'm super excited because i can learn to drive next month!!! can i get a wooop wooop!!!!!

I feel like i have abandoned my blog and that's not good enough, I'm on my laptop almost everyday and read all the people i follow's new posts but never find the time to update my own:(

So although i have exams coming up this month and in June, i am going to blog more. I don't want to force myself to do it because that takes the fun out of it for me and you readers but if i can get myself into some sort of blogging routine i will be happy!

Anyway, onto today's post 'April Favourites'.

I have a few bits that i have used throughout April and really enjoyed so here we go

1.  I bought this on a bit of an experimental whim, i saw almost everyyyone talking about it in such a good way and it was £1 so i had to get my mitts on it. Its the Original Source lemon and tea tree shower gel and holy moly it smells so good, just like lemon curd (but trust me when i say it doesn't taste like lemon curd- yuckkkk)! It's extremely refreshing and feels good on the skin. I use it in the morning before school and work and it wakes me up so quickly and i just love it.

2. Every pay day i seem to order myself new Essie polishes, my collection just gets bigger and bigger and i now have a grand total of 7 or 8 polishes from this brand. I love their colour selection and although they are on the pricey side, they are amazing quality. They have flat brushes mixed with a smooth polish consistency which just glide across your nails. My favourite this month is called "we're in it together", and when it arrived in the post i literally just felt like a little girl again. Thoughts of Tinkerbell rushed into my head and it felt so good. It's a candyfloss pink but also has pink, purple and blue undertone shimmer/glitter inside. Perfect for spring and summer!

3. Next is my favourite perfume/scent of the month, usually in the spring and summer months i prefer fruity body mists but this perfume from River Island smells too good to not wear all the time. It's the River Island 'Paris' perfume and it's just lush.

4. Since I've been trying to look after my hair to prevent split ends and dryness, i took it upon myself to invest in a heat protecting spray to put on my hair before using my hair dryer, straighteners and curling tongs. This is the first one I've tried and it's the only one i need to try. It smells good, does what its supposed to and gives my hair a healthy shine afterwards. I got the travel size and will definitely re-purchase in full size if i can find it!

5. As some of you know, I've been experimenting with foundations and I'm also a big fan of MUA (make up academy) so when i found the illuminating foundation for under £3 i had to say yes. I'm really glad i did because its light and gives a nice coverage.

6. Last but definitely not least is the MUA Undress Me Too natural eyeshadow palette. It's made up of shimmer, matte and nude colours perfect for subtle looks and dramatic smokey eyes as well. I used this in my prom video that will be on my youtube channel extremely soon (here) to match my dress. The palette is so versatile and I've even used one of the shades to fill in my eyebrows!

So there are my favourites, what were your favourite things throughout April?

Demi  X X X