Friday, 26 April 2013

let's all go to asda...


I hope you are all well!

If you didn't twig from the title of this post, it's about asda.
The other evening i went to a big Asda's that's about half an hour from me, i had a good snoop around and found some bits that i wanted to show you!
Most people wouldn't dream of buying fashionable things in Asda, (i never used too, oh how wrong i was!), but if you have the time to shop in one of the big ones that has almost EVERYTHING in it from food to clothes to makeup to electronics etc.

I've recently been decorating my room on a cheap budget, it was previously black and pink themed and i started to go off that and really liked the idea of shabby chic with floral prints, so i painted my wardrobes and made some curtains (yes, made! from a bed cover) and have been getting some accessories. If you want a blog post on some of the diy and cheap decorations for my new room i have, let me know! So i went straight to the bedroom section which had several varieties, styles and coloured bed covers for such a cheap price, i was in heaven!

sorry for the creases, i literally just swapped it and got it out of its packet!
I picked up this cover and pillowcase set for £13 (king size), its white and has beautiful, almost watercolour flowers on the bottom growing upwards. The pillows are the same but the flowers take up the whole side. Its also reversible and is an orange/coral pinstripe pattern on the other side, although I'm pretty sure that would clash way too much.

I also went to the jewellery section which had a few stands of half price or sale items which i eyed up instantly. I only found 2 things as the others were either broken or i had something similar. The first being these chained collar clips.
They are silver gems surrounded by a pearl frame attached by two chains of different lengths. They were half price from £4 (making them £2) which is a really great price and they look so pretty but make a great statement with collared blouses.

 And then i found these earrings which are similar to the ones i saw in Topshop a few months ago which are just these Pegasus unicorn that are supposed to look like tapers (but the cheat version if you don't want big holes in  your ears!)

They kinda remind me of the monopoly board pieces (or scene it board pieces if you know that game!) and I've just pushed them through my ear lobes haha!

And then last but definitely not least my mum found these Yankee candles (I've  never seen super markets sell them so this was definitely a must have!), they had all the sizes and about 6 or 7 different scents but this was my favourite by far and it smells amazing and its called Rainwashed Berry. I haven't tried the sampler size so i hope they are just as strong as the big jar ones but for £1 it's gotta be worth a try.. right?!

And there's a picture of the little heart cut out candle holder that I've put it into! cute or what?!

Have you found any interesting bits in supermarkets you've visited?

Demi X X X

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Dressed up for dinner | OOTN

Well hello there!

I hope you all had a fab Easter (sorry its taken so long to say that, I've had so much over time at work and haven't had the chance!)

Okay so the other night me and my mum decided to treat ourselves and go out for a meal, we ended up going for a Chinese at about 8 and it was a last minute decision so i didn't get a chance to take any pictures before we left. We got back at about half 10 and i convinced my mum to take some for me (she was tired hence the really bad quality!)

My pastel green knit slouch cardigan is from Primark and i nabbed it in the sale for just £5!

 I kept my jewellery fairly simple but went for it with the rings, the big green gem ring is from Primark and was round £2, the silver chain two finger snake rings were £1.50 from Matalan and the skull ring and cream rhinestones ring were from a pack from Primark!

The dress i opted for was also another Primark piece, its a black and white striped sailor dress with a white collar and a slight keyhole cut out at the back. I got it for £3 and think its so pretty.

Heres a picture of me being weird after running away with my mums phone, hehe...

and here's another picture of me being weird but this time, its not only that.. i also look like a hysterical seal thanks to my mum making me laugh constantly whilst trying to get some outfit pics!

 For my shoes, i just wore my black creepers with frilly white socks to tone down the look and make it slightly more casual as it wasn't a special occasion.

I hope you enjoyed this post, sorry for the awful pictures!

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