Friday, 31 October 2014

Creepy doll makeup!

For this look you will need;
1. 2 thick pairs of eyelashes
2. White face paint 
3. Pink face paint
4. Brown face paint or eyeliner/eyebrow pencil
5. Red or pink lipstick

Create semi circles under the eyes from the outer corner to the tearduct with the White facepaint. Whilst waiting for this to dry, paint circles on the apples of your cheeks to give that rosy cheek doll effect. Apply eyelashes normally and then add the second pair on the line of the White semi circle. With your chosen lipstick, create a pointed upper lip and then the lower lip but make them smaller than your natural lip line. Symmetrically add freckles to each side of your face, I made three dots on each cheek for the perfect doll face. 

To finish this looks I put my hair into two high bunches and worse a knee length white dress. I wore this to a party last weekend and so many people wanted pictures and said it was a freaky Halloween look. So simple and fun to do!

Happy Halloween guys! What are you/have you dressed up as this year?!

Demi xxx

Monday, 20 October 2014

How I clean my makeup brushes!


Washing my makeup brushes always seems last on my to do list. In an ideal world I would like to do them once a week.. Truth be told I'm lucky if I do it more than once a month. It's a really good idea to clean your makeup brushes on a regular basis-especially if you use your brushes on a daily basis. This will help prevent build ups on your skin from applying days old make up onto fresh clean skin.

I wash my brushes using luke-warm water and either a mild baby shampoo or this Clean & Clear truly gentle facial wash. It's not harsh or perfumed which is great for keeping the hairs on the brush soft and gentle and feeling brand new when you go to use them again. 

I clean them in the sink and rinse them all after. Leave them to dry over night and wake up to perfect brushes again!

What's your fave brand of makeup brush ? 

Demi x

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Flattering bra for small boobs!

Okay, bit of a 'personal' post today but it's something I really want to share! Since I was about 10 I've always been small in the boobie department. One of my bestfriends in primary school started to develop extremely early and even In secondary school I was a late bloomer. I'm now 18 and it hasn't been until these past 8 months that I haven't felt as conscious about them. I'm not completely flat chested but I'm definitely not what you would call top heavy. 

Over the years I have always gone for the bras described with words such as; maximise, enhance, boost, heavenly lift etc basically just push your boobs up to the absolute limit. But since becoming more comfortable with my body, I have started buying properly fitted bras, shopping in underwear specific shops and finding bras that will complement my boobs. 

I vary between a B and a C cup depending on the shop (I would always recommend trying bras on before purchasing, there's nothing worse than buying the most beautiful looking bra, getting it home and it not fitting quite right or being really uncomfortable!) and I have tried different shapes and have finally found my favourite style.

Small boobs, in my opinion, look best in triangle bras! Although they don't offer a huge amount of support or give you much emphasis on your cleavage, they look so elegant and pretty. 

I recently went into h&m and found a beautiful black lace triangle bra in a two back with a cheetah print one (which isn't so great on me because of the pale colours) for £7.99. I would easily spend £8 on a single bra so getting two for that price was something I couldn't say no to. The only downside is that they didn't come with matching underwear but they are so flattering and really boost my confidence.

Something else I would recommend is getting properly measured because you may be surprised at the size you are buying being completely different to your actual size. 

                                             Picture from my Instagram @demimcglen

                                                                   Love Demi x

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Urban Decay Perversion & Subversion review

The Urban Decay perversion and subversion are a new duo to UD consisting of a 'bigger blacker badder' mascara as well as a limited edition lash primer. They came out on the 4th of August however I got a small sample of the mascara a week before. I decided the best place to test it out would be on holiday, so that's what I did! I took it to Spain with me for two weeks and applied it on most days. 

The mascara was amazing! I started by curling my eyelashes and then applying 2 or 3 coats and my lashes have never looked so long ! My eyes looked so big and bright! I wore it swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, and for other activities like go karting and it stood its ground and hardly budged at all ( except for the diving it lost its volume but still gripped onto my eyelashes!) 

The mascara and primer retails for £17 which is great for the results you get! I will definitely repurchase again and again! 

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Meeting Zoella & Sprinkle of Glitter!

Recently my friend Abi (@abiyoutube on youtube & twitter) won a competition to visit the Harry Potter studios and meet Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter. She invited me to go along with her and I honestly had an amazing time. 

Truth being is that I have seen the first 3 Harry Potter films and never read the books.. but walking around the studio tour where they were filmed was one of the best experiences of my life. We got around 2 hours to look around the sets and look at the props before going to meet Louise and Zoe. We didn't get much time to chat to them but they were so lovely. We took some selfies and then left to get food. 

At the studio, they served all competition winners dinner and drinks before going into a huge cinema room to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2. They gave us ice cream, popcorn and sweets to watch the movie with. After the film finished, it was about 10pm and the girls thanked us for coming and went on their way. We all left with the biggest smiles on our faces after getting the privilege to meet 2 of the best youtubers on the Internet!

I'm so grateful and will definitely not forget my day to the Harry Potter Studios!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water | Review


I am constantly battling between the lack of effort to remove my makeup properly using products that are kind to my skin and the roughness of makeup wipes. 

I don't necessarily have sensitive skin but when it comes to makeup wipes, they always seem to leave my skin feeling tight, sore and irritated no matter what brand I use. Although they are convenient and quick, I'm starting to see that they have no benefits to my skin whatsoever! 

Everyone raved about the Bioderma Micellar water for such a long time however, Garnier soon brought this little saviour out with a price tag at a fraction of the cost. I have had this bottle for months and it just seems to last for ever (no complaints here!) 

Its gentle on the skin due to natural ingredients, non perfumed and works super fast. Its great for those nights when you are collapse on your bed before taking your makeup off and can't  bear the idea of sleeping with mascara on your lashes and foundation clogging your pores. Just grab a cotton pad, poor some of the product on and sweep it over your face.. no vigorous rubbish required. The fact it doesn't need rinsing after is also a huge bonus!

It leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean before bed and I don't have to worry about leaving traces of dirt and makeup behind because this stuff really picks it all up!



Saturday, 8 March 2014



I have always had relatively red cheeks that I always feel embarassed about in pictures. They make me look like a really young (severely out of breath) child so I am always looking for products that will cover it up especially when I go out and there will be pictures posted the next day. I found this L'oreal  Nude Magique CC cream whilst there was a 3 for 2 deal on all L'oreal items a few months ago. It's RRP is £9.99 which a little on the expensive side for drugstore brands so I had high hopes for this product.

When I first squeezed it onto the back of my hand I was a little worried to see a pale green product appear on my hand, but I carried on and blended it all over my face. The colour seemed quite orange considering it is supposed to adapt to your natural skin shade (there aren't a choice of shades to pick from) which was a bit annoying. After a few tries with this CC cream I started to just use it on the red areas instead of applying it to my whole face like a foundation. 

It acts as more of an underbase/primer for me and needs foundation applying over the top and only reduces redness for a little while and by a small fraction. Overall I wasn't too impressed with this product, especially not for basically £10, however I feel it may be a good product for people who would really benefit from skin shade corrections.

Have you tried this product? What did you think?

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Valentines day gifts under £15- For Her | Tesco

*I have not been sponsored by Tesco for this post

Here are some of my picks under £15 that are all easily purchased at this link.
Crazy Stupid Love is a great film sure to make any girl feel good- especially if they are a fan of RyanGosling! It can be purchased here for £3.
This babydoll set is so elegant and the perfect mix between flirty and classic. The frilled detail of the camisole matches with the trim of the french knickers. £12? Its the perfect gift!
I absolutely love this cushion. The font is my favourite and is a great edition to any bedroom or living room with its neutral colour. £6!

Nearly everyone loves a great scented candle. Yankee's are amazing at providing a delicious scent throughout a whole room and they last for ages! My favourite from the tesco collection is definitely sweetpea and £9 is a great price for 75 hours burning!

What are you getting your boyfriend or girlfriend/fiance/husband or wife /partner/friend/pet for Friday?

Demi xxx

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

How I clean my makeup brushes..

Just a quick post on how I clean my makeup brushes. I try to do this as often as possible but end up doing it around every 3-4 weeks as I dont tend to use them all the time. I use the clean & clear truly gentle facial soap as it isnt perfumed and doesnt destroy the brushes. I get a bowl of luke warm water and spend about 30 seconds on each brush giving it an intense cleanse, think about the massage process when washing your hair. I refresh the water and let them soak for about 5-10 minutes to remove any residue soap. Once i have done that i lay them all on a towel making sure they maintain their original shape by manipulating the hairs on the brush. They can take around half an hour to dry and then they are ready to get dirty again!

How do you clean your makeup brushes?

Demi xxx

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

It's a love story, baby just say yes...


 Valentines day is nearly here already what on earth?! Any who, here's a quick DIY for a cute heart bunting decoration for your room or desk or wherever you want! I want to do a little series of blog posts in the run up to valentines day including OOTD'S and diy's, what do you think?

You will need: Hot glue gun (PVA could also be useful), patterned paper printed out, pencil, scissors, needle and thread & thick paper/card


1. Using heart templates or if you feel confident, cut out hearts from your patterned paper of 2 different sizes

2. Do the same with the card (same sizes as the patterned paper with equal amounts)

3. Stick the patterned paper hearts onto the card hearts and trim them to match

4. Stick contrasting small hearts centrally on top of the bigger hearts

5. Using your needle and cotton, thread through each of the hearts on string long enough for what you need

Sorry for the poor photo quality and lighting, it got dark when i had finished this diy:(! It's such an easy diy and it can be used all year round not just for valentines day! If you try it, be sure to show me pictures or leave a comment!

Monday, 20 January 2014

Lush sale haul!

Over the past 4 or 5 months my love for Lush has literally taken over my bank account. My stash of products is getting crazy and when they had a sale I just couldn't help myself. I absolutely love the overwhelming scent that hits you face on as soon as you walk through the door of the shop. Some bits aren't from the sale and are just what i picked up before christmas (minus a few i have used already).
Snow Fairy SPARKLE BAR £2.78
This is super silky and creamy. Its described to have a fondant like centre filled with glitter. It smells just like the Snow Fairy shower gel and was £2.78 in the sale. It's from their winter/christmas range so won't be in stock until late 2014, leaving me reluctant to squish it up !
Cinders bath bomb £1.23
I cannot stand cinnamon whatsoever but the idea of popping candy in a bath bomb really excited me. I will probably have run a bath for my mum to listen to it then let her enjoy as she loves the smell. The popping candy is supposed to remind you of being cosy next to a fire and is also only a christmas product!

Creamy Candy Bubble bar £2.50
I'm lead to believe this product is in stock all year round which makes me super happy. It smells like candy floss, amazing for those who love sweet things. Its soft and crumbles under running water into a layer of soft, silky, moisturising  water. I'm pretty sure the flower is one of those icing cake decorations too!

Bombardino £1.25
This little fella was inspired by a drink made in the Alps of Italy which consists of eggnog, brandy and whipped cream. However, Lush's version is a mini meringue pie with skin softening cocoa butter! (Another christmas special)
Shoot for the Stars BALLISTIC £1.63
I got two of these bath ballistics in the sale which claim to create lustres of swirling colours in your bath. With a honey-toffee scent like the 'Honey I washed the kids' soap it's only available around christmas time! I'm so excited to use this!
The Comforter Bubble Bar £4.50

I genuinely don't remember paying £4.50 for this product however, if I did, I must have felt the size of it and thought it was worth it. It is huge! It reminds me of the smell of ribena or vimto sweets. It creates large amounts of bubbles when crumbled under running water and rumour has it that it can be spared over multiple bath times!
Golden wonder Bath bomb £1.75
Okay now these bath bombs are HUGE. I got 3 in the sale and used one already and has lasted at least 3 bath times! Kind of defeats the object as the colour is throughout the core of the product and is filled with tiny little stars, but it works just as well. From the description on the website "This ballistic contains edible gold lustre and soluble paper stars – so there’ll be no sparkly bits left to clean out of your bath afterwards.", I'm not sure how i feel about this but its pretty cool anyway!

The only problem with buying lots of things from Lush sales is the expiry date. The products are fresh and the sooner they get used the more benefits you will receive from them. However, I love baths and nobody got hurt from having too many baths, right?!