Saturday, 25 August 2012

chit chat & a catch up

I know my last post was me finally getting into the youtube lingo and i said that i would upload my video soon, yes its been almost a week and i guess you are wondering.. 'well where is it then?'
My dad lost our lead to connect the camera to my laptop so he ordered a new one and it only came today, we tried plugging it in and just my luck, it wont work :( Im gutted i haven't been able to do it and i definitely didn't mean to lie to you! My dads gonna try and figure it out but in the mean time i'll stick to a jolly old blog :)

Im not going to base this blog post on a certain make up brand or clothing piece i wish for, im choosing to keep it short and share my happiness with you as i got my GCSE exam results on Thursday and i didn't actually do to bad! i got 6 B's, 5 C's and 1 D. Did any of you get any results this week that made you extremely proud?

One of my friends had a 'results party' for my year, and it was fancy dress. So me and my bestfriend decided to go as...... 118! We made our t-shirts, Headbands and moustaches and just used what we had instead of forking out money for a whole costume. Almost everyone dressed up and it was such a hoot.
me and my friend all ready to jog to the party ;)
118 themed nails  

Some of the costumes!

I hope you all have a really good weekend!  Do/did you have any party's to go to or have you gone to a festival? (if yes im sooo jelly jealous!)

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