Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Primark lipstain pen

Hi guys!
Okay, so today I went into town with my mum to find my best friend a birthday present and got some really nice bits for her sweet 16 but whilst being baffled about what to get her, I came across these new Lip stain pens in Primark..

I've tried the MaxFactor version and loved it but thought it to be a little pricey considering how long it lasts. So I thought I would give these a try for £1.50 each (I thought even this was a little over priced for Primark considering their lipsticks are 25p at the moment in my nearest store). I have wanted a bright pink lipstick for such a long time now but have never found the colour to match my skin tone etc, so I decided to try the lip stain to see if it would be right and if its not it's not to big of a loss. I also got the product in a bright red as I have been soooo jealous of all the girls that can pull such a bold colour off and still look amazing.

So I've spent my three pounds on my two pens and have been waiting all day to get home and finally try them out and after having to get drenched by the awful rain and walk in squelching espadrilles here I am in the comfort of my own home able to get my lips all over my new items!
I tried the pink pen out first and tried it on my arm first and the colour looked amazing, but when I went to coat my lips in the stuff it seemed to dry out like a felt tip does when you have left the lid off for a couple of hours:(. I tried squeezing the nib bit and shaking the pen to try and get it to come out and eventually it did, but no where near as bright as it did on my hand...
So I went to rub it off so I could try the red pen out, only problem being is that they really took the word 'stain' literally, and I couldn't get it to come off even after intense lip licking and rubbing seriously hard with a tissue. I decided to just put the red pen over the top of the pink because if it was anything like the other one it probably wouldn't show up anyway..but I was very wrong! The red pen works wonders and is not at all dried out and is such a bold statement! I would recommend everyone to try it out if looking for a bright red lipstick and at £1.50 you can't go wrong! I'm hoping the pink lip stain was just a one off and was the only one dried up or that it comes across bright on other people.
I finished my lips off with just a plain lipgloss top coat to make them look plump and glossy and I am so happy I have a red lip product that works and is a nice shade of red! I will definitely be using the red lip stain pen throughout the summer months left and all throughout the christmas period! I think I will use this up pretty quickly because I'm in love with it and I will definitely re-purchase this over and over again until the store no longer stock it haha!

Demi xxx


  1. I didn't know they sell lip products, but it really looks good!

  2. I think some of the Primark range of makeups are under-rated because it's Primark so people would initially think it's not going to be great but I've bought a couple of there products in particualar a eyeshadow duo and it's really pigmented!
    Really like your blog so far.

  3. Yeah I must admit I do tend to turn my nose up at Primark make-up purely because of the way it used to be packaged and products were half used or empty etc but these were wrapped up and newly sealed so I thought I'd try it out x