Friday, 10 August 2012

spikes and studs galore

This summer studs and spikes have wormed their way in to fashion and have had a huuuge impact on everyones statements. It seems like everyone have come to terms with the fact that not only heavy metal lovers can pull it off. Some people completely cover themselves in s&s whereas others add a hint here and there to keep it subtle but still rock it.


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 These sculpted heels have studs in their curve. Because they are already such a big statement, the studs just make them even more loveable and because they look so good people are less worried about how they would actually walk in them (they dont look too comfy)


picture from google
picture from google

Studded denim shorts with a quirky band top or a cute blouse are very on trend at the minute, a lot of people have taken it upon themselves to DIT (do it themselves) and stud the heck out of their clothes like me instead of spending a whole whad of money on them. The Leather jacket looks gorg with denim shorts or black milk galaxy leggings and look good with a minimal amount of studs and spikes but also look good when heaving with the things. 

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Spikes on ear cuffs, choker necklaces, bracelets and rings are a must have this Summer, they look cute but also give your outfit a rockyfied edge. If you aren't daring enough to go the whole hog with the studs and spikes on your jacket or shorts, then the jewellery is for you! It looks great without looking 'over done'.


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It has now come to my attention that you can buy small stud look-a-like stickers to let your nails get in with the trend. They look so cute and can also be done with nail art so you can do it yourself. 

Do you like the studs and spikes trend? Do you own something with them on? 

Demi xxx

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