Tuesday, 7 August 2012

how i organise my earrings

My earrings used to be all jumbled around in a big jewellery box and I was never able to find a matching pair or the pair I wanted, so I thought it was time to hunt down an earring organiser so they all had their own place and I can find them when I need too. I was planning to go to a car boot sale this upcoming Saturday but my mum came home yesterday with another bargain just for me! 

She found this beautiful jewellery stand in the shape of a body with hooks for rings, necklaces, bracelets etc and a wire netted bottom (under-skirt) for your earrings. This means there is a space for everything all on one stand and the best part was.. it was only £5!! It looks brand new even though it was from a charity shop and I'm absolutely in love with it! I have already sorted all of my earring onto it and it looks so pretty. 

The jewellery stand itself is a gold/bronze/brown and consists of swirling hooks and amazing twisted detail. The body is a dusty yellow/skin colour with a white corset which has baby pink pinstripes and green leaves on it. It has puffed dress features on either side with pink flowery lace and beautiful little bows. The are also 3 dangley bits on the front with different beads which I think is absolutely adorable. The other thing that fascinates me about this stand is the beaded pendant type thing underneath the skirt which hangs down like a bird in it's bird cage. 

sorry for the pants picture!

I am so happy with my jewellery stand and amazed that it was in the charity shop for just £5 considering the amount of detail that is on it! I think these types of stands are in most jewellery shops, Claire's or maybe you can also find them in a charity shop or at a car boot sale for cheap cheap cheap!

How do you keep your jewellery organised and stored? Comment below, I'd love to see it!

Demi xxx



  1. I've wanted one of these for ages but it's just not one of them things i'm willing to go out buy haha, yours is so pretty! Mine is basically hanging off my shelf and is thrown all over haha I need to find something! xxx

    1. They can get pretty pricey in jewellery shops, but just try some charity shops or boot sales and you'd be surprised what you can find! or maybe have a look on e-bay?! let me know if you have any luck xxx

    2. charity shops are good but sort of a hit and miss, hmmm maybe i should try ebay. :-) haha i will! xxx