Thursday, 16 May 2013

80's style dungaree's...

Hello beauty's..

Today I've got a post on my favourite clothing piece that i own right now which are these light wash denim dungaree's.
please ignore my facial expression, my mum took the photo before i was ready!!!
Dungaree's tend to go in and out of fashion every few years and 2013 being a year that they are totally in for the spring and summer. I have been trying to get my mitts on a pair for yeaaars, i found short and skirt styles but i just couldn't settle for them and i definitely couldn't justify the £40+ price tag. I even started looking in charity shops but just my luck, i had no luck.

Until a few weeks back i was in Primark in my local shopping centre and was looking near the jeans and printed shorts section. Whilst rummaging i found myself pick up 2 pairs of dungarees, one dark wash shorts pair and one pale full length pair in a size 12, too big bit teamed with a thin belt they work really well.

I have only worn there out once and that was the day after i got them, i didn't get to put much thought into what to wear them with but i don't think it looked tooooo bad, pretty plain Jane and simple if you ask me.

Dungaree's - Primark
Black Sleeveless Turtle neck top - Warehouse (£1.50 charity shop find)
Thin Brown belt - Primark
Black Creepers - Primark

They were £17, although still a little pricey, they are totally worth it. They have a distressed rip effect to give a vintage 80's vibe but they look and feel like really great quality. The hard wear on the braces and the buttons up the side seem like they have had a lot of effort put into them and i LOVE them. Definitely a staple piece in my wardrobe throughout the next few months (i even think they will look super cute in the winter months too.)
looks like hippy central in my garden!

Will you be sporting the dungaree trend this year? If so, what will you team them with?!

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  1. love the dungarees, can't believe they're primark!