Friday, 17 May 2013

Cut out Heart top | DIY

If i was good enough, everything in my wardrobe would be made by me!

Hi guys, i haven't done a DIY project in months and i can tell you now.. it felt so good to chop up old clothes!

Today I'm showing you this Heart cut out top that i did the other day. It was made from a top i hated and was throwing away, and now i love it.

Its great for summer and will work well with a bandeau bra or a backless bra to show some flesh and also thrown over the top of a bikini!

Its really simple and took me no more than 20 minutes maximum.

I cut the stretchy cinched in strip off the bottom, depending on your top type, you can cut off the sleeves, cut the neck line off etc.

I used a marker to draw a heart free hand in the middle of the back. You can use a stencil or something to draw around to get the perfect shape.

Cut it out and there you have it, your very own diy cut out top!
               I love mine and i can't wait to style it!:D

Have you tried any cut out diy's lately?

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Demi  X X X


  1. Can't tell what finished top looks like....could you post a pic of it finished to see please? x

  2. i definitely did put it up with this post but it seems to have vanished haha, re- uploaded now x

  3. This looks so cute, just like the ones on the highstreet. You're blog is amazing, in love with your header! <3