Friday, 10 May 2013

Soap & Glory 'Flake Away' | Review

This next statement makes me really sad but also extremely happy..
If it wasn't for starting my blog, i would have never known of Soap & Glory!

I'm so happy i decided to start my blog being that Soap and Glory are one of my main perks that i gained from it!

I saw so many people raving over these products so when i was next in Boots it was a must that i purchased something. And so i did..

I bought my very first product which was the sample/travel size of the Flake Away body polish and boy am i sure glad i did!

You know those baths every so often when i feel the need to get everything out and pamper yourself to the extreme, whether its due to stress from work, overload on school work or just the every day tasks are getting on top of you, I'm sure we all like to treat ourselves once in a while.

When i do this i use face packs, bubbles and oils and i even get the candles and relaxing songs out.

Flake Away became a staple piece for this routine within a matter of minutes after using it.

Packaging: The whole soap and glory range are made of a watermelon pink and yellow/cream colour packaging. They contrast between the two in which will be the dominant colour. Flake Away is the watermelon pink with white writing and the Soap and Glory stamp on top. Cute with a vintage vibe behind it.

Smell: If you haven't smelt the signature scent, there is no hope for you understanding a description on it. It smells fruity but not over powering and.. well there is no point trying to explain, it's too good for words and only you can put your own description to it!

Appearance: A natural brown sugar colour with flecks of browns throughout (peach seed i think!)

Feel on skin: When you open your pot and scoop some out, its a sticky consistency with lumpy sugar inside, you rub it onto your skin and instantly feel the grains doing their job, it softens the skin but not in a way that hurts or scrapes. You can instantly feel the benefits as it hydrates your skin, unusual for a body scrub!. Once you have rubbed it into the skin, rinse away and your skin is left feeling super soft and smooth!

Main ingredients: Shea butter, sugar and peach seed.

Advantages: Soft, smooth, hydrated skin. (They even give a caution notice 'Careful! avoid application over irritated skin abrasions, as salt scrubs can sting), showing they care for their customers!

Cost: The sample/travel pot i got was £2.50 for 50ml (although Boots often have 3 for 2 deals etc!)

Have you tried any of the soap and glory products? if so, which is your favourite?

Demi X X X

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