Wednesday, 21 August 2013

£4 3D Ruffle Bikini Bottoms!

RRP £30.00!!!

These gorgeous slightly off-white bikini bottoms are a complete bargain. We all know that American Apparel isn't the cheapest of shops, but even i couldn't believe it when i saw these on the AA website for £4, yes just £4 in the sale!! They are slightly high waisted and the material is really soft and cosy. They are quite heavy so you can tell they are good quality but not weighted enough to drag once you've been in the water. Their texture is a soft 3D ruffle and they hug your bum and flatter your waist by slightly pulling you in. I was so excited when these arrived and now i just need a bikini top to go with them and a holiday to wear them on!

Have you recently ordered anything from American Apparel? What is your fave bikini like?

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