Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Nailing it this christmas!

Okay so on a happier note from my previous post about shyness and confidence (read here) i decided to show you some of the nail art i have been doing on false nails lately..

 A snowflake, a snowman, christmas lights, a penguin, holly and a christmas tree! (i added a snowing effect to this picture to make it more christmassy because in case you don't know.. its 34 days and counting!!)

 Here are my own nails, red and multi-coloured glitter with a super cute reindeer on the ring finger!

recently, i have also been doing friends nails to earn a little extra christmas money and I've also been learning/experimenting with acrylics/gel nails. I first tried it out on my friend, then my own and then another friend, it takes me aaaages to do them because of the amount of time they take to dry but the finished results were lush with the bright red nails and gemmed ring finger!

If you would like any tutorials or nail polish colour names etc just leave a comment, tweet me or whatever and I'll happily inform you

Have you been trying out any christmas nails, or any other designs for that matter? i would love to see some!!

Demi xxxxx


  1. Wowwowww love your nail designs! Wish I could do stuff like that :) also just read your shyness post - I was just like you when I was younger! Although apparently now I've gone the other way ;D

    Amber X (your newest follower)

  2. Awwwwww love the reindeer nail, cuteeeeee!! X

  3. hey I'm not sure if you've already done it but I've just nominated you for the liebster blog award, the questions are on my blog if you'd like to enter :') x

  4. These are so cute! Love the Christmassy designs!

    LOve your blog, just followed - would love it if you followed back :)

    -Ciara xo

  5. Oh wow! These look fab! :)

    Natasha Carly x