Wednesday, 7 November 2012

my christmas wishlist..

I cant believe christmas is just around the corner, its only about 47 days or something and if you tell me that doesn't excite you I'm sorry but you must be mad!

I get excited every year around September/October time even though it gets pretty boring on the actual day (not being ungrateful, just don't have family that come round!) but i love the build up, the cold snuggly weather and turning the christmas music on and getting the tree up and decorated!

Anywaay, i made a little wishlist of a some things i would quite like for christmas..

George (Asda) light pink hooded dressing gown £14; i've already seen this in my mums wardrobe (hehe oops) but i get a new dressing gown every year as i grow out of them so quickly, and this one has a hood!

UV nail lamp; this is to help with my nail art and acrylic nails as they take aaaages to dry on their own!

Make-up Brushes; i don't mind what make these are but i could do with some good quality make up brushes this year

Kate Moss-Lilabelle perfume; I got this for christmas last year and it has just run out but i absolutely LOVE it, it smells so pretty and lush, even if i don't get this for christmas i will definitely re-purchase it in the new year

Jessie J Nice to Meet you; Jessie J is one of my all time favourite singer performers i just think she is so talented and down to earth, my best friend told me she would get me this book for christmas and i cant wait to read it !!

Black Suede Heel-less heels (Sculpted heels); I was going to get some for prom but they were over £30 and with my dress being £300 it was a major no no and i didn't think i'd last in them as they look fairly uncomfortable.. oh how i was wrong. I went into town with my mum at the weekend and we both tried some similar on and they were surprisingly comfy as heels go, no different to any other shoes and less pressure on the heels of your feet

This is my christmas list, what are you hoping for? Also, the book i won by Jenny Colgan arrived 2 days ago and i've started reading it already, thank you Helen from 'fragile bird'. Enjoy your week

Demi xxxxx


  1. Great wish list! <3 I would love to get some new makeup brushes, too! And I am sooo excited for Christmas, I'm counting the days! :))


  2. Im so excited too! i have a countdown on my phone; 37 days!! X