Sunday, 11 November 2012

GOLD! Always believe in your soul..

Yesterday i took another little trip into town (seems to be becoming a very regular occurrence lately!) and the idea was to get a few more christmas bits, I'm doing chrimbo shopping in sections and picking up little bits here and there this year, and i actually managed to pick my mum up some of the things she wanted but once again i ended up buying myself a few nick nacks and i decided to show you something that I'm really happy with..

It's very similar to my technic 'mermaid' and 'carnival' nail varnish but its from poundland!? There were blue, green and purple versions of this polish but the gold stood out for me and I'm so glad i bought it, i must admit i spent about 20 minutes in poundland uming and ahing, debating whether to buy it and as soon as i got home i painted it on top of my primark bright pink polish and its so lush. It doesn't have different types of gold in it but its got small and big rounded glitter flecks in it and its a really good rep for some high priced brand versions of glitter polishes! £1 BARGAIN!!

Another thing i picked up from poundland was this little wheel of butterfly and dragonfly nail decorations of all different colours, they are so pretty and i cant wait to use them..

They even come with a mini nail file and wooden stick for easier application! I say get yourself to poundland and see what you can find, i even noticed they sell Revlon polishes in there too!

Demi xxxx


  1. Love the gold on pink! Very pretty!

  2. Nice post dear :)

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  3. that nail varnish looks lush! following you back hun :) x

  4. those nails look stunning! x

  5. love this colour! stunning!

  6. I love your nails they look so pretty! xx