Friday, 2 November 2012

Primark pieces..

Okay so as i said not too long ago, i started my christmas shopping but actually bought myself some bits.

Primark is by far my favourite shop, it has everything for such good prices but over the past year or so, their prices have definitely crept their way up for no reason what so ever and i am not a happy bunny. I remember the days when you could buy a pretty knitted jumper for £5, perfect pj sets for no more than £4 and so on and i cant ever seem tot find clothes for less than £8 now and that's just for a simple blouse or plain jumper..

But, rant aside, i love finding cheap beauty bits or jewellery and i get so excited seeing a sale rack with a '£5' sign on it (being the cheapskate i am). I never seem to buy lots of things in one trip to primark, i get bits here and there and although its only 3 things, i thought it would be nice to share with you what i have been enjoying lately from the wonderland itself...

The first thing i bought was this leopard/cheetah print short sleeved blouse from £12 to £5! It has pretty gold button at the front and on the sleeves and black shoulders and its just so pretty.

Next was this 4 pack of nail varnishes which consist of purple, bright pink, mint green and baby blue which were only £2. I tried these on my nails a few weeks back and they lasted so well and only needed 2 coats which isn't at all bad considering they are primark! 

And last but not least, when i got to the check out of one of my trips to primark, my mum spotted this product which is Argan Oil. It states that it is a healing shine hair treatment and cost around £2.50. I used it on my hair 2 nights ago; washed my hair, blow dried it and out a small amount through the ends of my hairs (avoiding roots as the instructions say) and then straightened it as i usually would. I must admit, my hair has been feeling really dry and horrible lately but after using this i actually felt a difference, it looks healthier and feels slightly more soft, and im hoping after a few more drops of this my hair will be back to its natural soft self in no time. I would definitely recommend this oil if your hair feels dry or frizzed at the ends from straighteners and blow dryers etc.

Hope you have all had a good week and enjoyed halloween?! Also, have any of you found anything worth browsing for in primark lately? One last thing (i seem to ramble a lot lately, i know) BUT, i won a competition last night thanks to Helen ! A Jenny Colgan book which i cannot wait to read eeek!!

Demi xxxxx


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  2. Great haul! You have a lovely blog, feel free to come and say hi, I'd really like to meet some more bloggers!

    Leanne xx

    1. thankyou! i checked yours out too and followed, follow me please? (we can be blogger friends, hehe)xxx

  3. I have those nail varnishes... there amazing! I'm new to blogger would you mind checking out my blog
    Thank you,
    Emma xo