Saturday, 26 January 2013

I went shopping! | Primark Haul

Everyone knows that almost every shop has a mega sale for the first few weeks after Christmas to sell off their old stock ready for the new season stock.. And this month i got paid for my new job at Tesco's.. I got a lot more than i was expecting too get and so i thought it was almost my duty to go out and see what bargains i could grab!

This post is just showing you most of the things i have bought this month mainly from primark (their sales are THE best, its a cheap shop with even cheaper sales !)

This pleated knee length skirt it comes with a thin cheetah/leopard print belt came in at £3 (although it was actually marked at 2:( ), i got it in a size 10 but it has an elasticated waist

Cotton pads for £1 and are really good for removing eye makeup and nail varnish

Relaxing face masks are only 90p

The hand gel smells so nice and lemony and is an easy 'throw in your bag' item

I actually love this hairbrush; it does the job, was only £2.50 and its pink!

The make up isn't known to be the best quality but when you just want to try things out and experiment, its good for the price before spending a bomb on the real deal.

The orange/dark coral lipstick is probably my favourite lipstick at the minute and that's saying something, its creamy and goes on really well and the colour stains your lips for a good few hours!

This blue satchel bag was only a fiver and it reminds me of the vintagey ones that everyones loving right now, i use it for school and its so spacey

Silver cross earrings -£1
5 pack of pretty socks for £3 or £3.50, they do the best socks in primark! 
12 pack of earrings for £2.50?! silver and gold studs, turquoise eyes, gold and silver stars, silver hands, triangle crystal/stone, silver crosses, gold and silver peace signs, Buddha type and wings!

WHO REMEMBERS THESE?! Glow in the dark ceiling stars for £1 in primark, my childhood is being relived as they are up already!!

That's the majority of my Primark haul, give or take a blouse and some pj's etc! What have you bought from Primark recently?

Demi xxxxxx


  1. you bought some lovely things! but omg the stars hahaha, i used to absolutely love them x

  2. You picked up some nice things. :) I could do with going to Primark x

  3. wooooo sales!! the satchel is such a nice colour! x

  4. Such a brilliant haul! And I really want some of those ceiling stars now, I had them when I was little too! xxxx

  5. Lovely

  6. You got so many bargains!!
    I bought the pleated black skirt before Christmas for £8, and you certainly got a steal at £3!
    Primark has such lovely things, but at the moment I'm stopping myself from going :)
    Great haul:)<3 xo

  7. Ahh everytime I go into Primark its not that cheap, then I read this and it makes me want to try again. The cross earrings are gorgeous, and a bargain for a pound! Great Post!

    Mel x

  8. Your skirt is lovely! x

  9. love the cross earrings! <3

  10. Looks like you got some lovely stuff, Primark is definitely on form at the minute xx