Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Cut-Out Demi Wedges | EBAY find!

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear Demiiiii, happy birthday to me. A day late but who only celebrates their birthday for one day? Not me that's for sure!

It was my birthday yesterday (25/06/2013) and i turned 17! hoorahhh some may say, still young but old enough to drive a car.. i wish i could share this excitement. Of course I'll be learning to drive etc but i don't want to get any older, i wanna stay young forever :(!



Anyway, for my birthday i asked for a beautiful pair of heel/wedges and ironically they are called 'Demi wedges'! How cool, a pair of shoes with the same name as you? don't tell me that you wouldn't get super OTT excited about that!

I ordered them myself but my mum paid for them so i could chose the colour and size etc.
I chose the white pair as i don't own white heels at all. They are called 'demi wedges' as their heels are cut out and kinda half heeled and demi meaning 'half' in french kinda suited the style.

They were £22.99 including P&P (really quick postage too-*bonus*) which is not bad at all for a pair of killer heels. They are high and me being fairly tall they push me way past the 6 foot mark but i love them that much it doesn't bother me that i look like a giant!


  1. happy birthday hun! hope you had a great day, and those heels! :O amazing xxx

  2. Thank-you, i had an amazing day!

    Your blog is gorgeous xxx