Thursday, 25 October 2012

Work first blog second

Hi guys!
Just want to apologise for not posting lately, i've had sooo much work to do and then my internet got cut off! But we got a new package so i should be back to posting on a regular basis. Since i''ve been out of the blogger world i've had so many post ideas and now its to late because they dont fit in with the time etc if that makes any sense at all.

Like i said, i have had so much work to do from school and i am so glad tomorrow is the last day before half term! I have had quite an eventful week or so (to the norm of boring nothing in my day to day life), I started my christmas shopping last week but ended up getting myself a few bits, i also went to the theatre to see 'We will rock you' last night in London and it was aaamazing! I actually can't explain how great it was, it makes me feel good just thinking about it and it left everybody buzzing, would definitely recommend!

Also, my friend is doing a hair & beauty course at A Level and as her assessment/exam/thing she has to style someone to walk down a catwalk in school and guess who's her model.. ME! haha, im not exactly the modelling type (although when i had my tarot cards read, the woman got a feeling that i would go into the modelling industry... fat chance!) but anyway, the theme was seasons and we got 'Spring'. She has to do my hair, makeup, nails, design my outfit and chose music and i was just wondering if any of you have any ideas of costumes or anything then please let me know as it would be a BIG help.

Anyways, that's my chit chat over and an update of what i've been up to. Have any of you been up to anything exiting?

p.s; its almost halloween, whats everyone dressing up as?! AND ONLY 2 MONTHS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!!

Demi xxxx


  1. I cannot WAIT until Christmas!!! ONLY 2 MONTHS YAY! xxx

  2. Hiya, I've chosen you as one my nominees for the Liebster Award. You can check out everything you need to do on my blog if you want to participate!


  3. sounds like you've been soo busy!how exciting :) x