Saturday, 8 September 2012

TAG: most worn summer things!

Okay so im gonna go ahead and do a post on my very first tag 'most worn summer things'. It's been fun thinking back to how much i have actually used/worn certain things summer so i hope you enjoy this post!

What is your most worn nail polish?
 - This is one of my many nail art pens. It's a silver glitter but has greens, oranges, blues and purples in it making it look like pixie dust! I can paint my nails a silver and put this over the top to make it look like a huge disco ball or use it in a nail pattern to have just a hint of glitter for when the sun catches it.

What is your most worn scent?
- My most worn scent has to be my Christina Aguilera Royal Desire perfume which i got as a present for Christmas, i love it so much and it smells deeeeelish. I really love the little heart shaped charm with the initials CA on it giving it a cute touch. Im so gutted that it is almost empty though, but it will be on my christmas list again this year!

What is your most worn hair product?
- This summer i've started back combing my hair quite a bit to give it some oomph and volumosity, so to keep it in place i've sprayed it with Professional Touch Salon Hairspray-High Gloss Super Hold. I bought this in Savers for £1 at the beginning of the year and started using it in June, I've loved it so much, it does its job and doesnt leave your hair sticky or crispy but soft and strong.

What is your most worn bag?
- A black bag with brown stitching. My mum used to use this until the zip broke and i asked for it. Its real leather so i can see it lasting a long time. Im not that bothered about the zip because it sits so you cant see into it anyway. Its versatile and goes with almost everything i wear, its light and really comfy to wear on your shoulder or arm

What are your most worn shoes?
- I wore my Primark blue and white striped espadrilles mainly this summer. They were such a bargain at £3 but fell a part quite quickly, probably because of how much i wore them. Their comfy and quick to just slip on and made me feel really summery! Also, because England doesnt really know what summer is, other that the bright spells here and there, i've been wearing these 'creeper style' plimsolls from a charity shop. I'd looked for creepers for months on end, until i found some in a shop at £16.99, i decided not to buy them and went to a charity shop and found them for just £2.50!!

What is your most worn accessory?
- I wear my sunglasses all the time even when its not even very sunny. I just love seeing things in a sepia sort of colour because it makes me believe its actually sunny outside haha. I got these in Camden for £5 after seeing people in Made in Chelsea and other celebs rocking similar ones out. Also i've been wearing this bow under my bun for a sweet girly effect in my hair, its just so pretty.

What is your most worn clothing item?
- I loooove this blouse, its so pretty and can be worn to school, casually or to a party with some denim shorts or disco pants. It can look really smart with the pointed collar and shoulder pads so its great for sixth form this winter too! (Also from a charity shop-£3. Im balmy about charity shops!)

What is your most worn foundation?
- I dont tend to wear foundation as i havent found one that doesnt dry out my skin or make it all patchy. Not at all meaning to brag, but my skin doesnt really need any coverage or brightening but ive had this foundation for some time, Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation in 103 True Ivory, and if im going out i'll wear it to long out the process of dressing up and getting ready

What is your most worn blush/bronzer?
- Again i dont normally wear much on my skin but i'll wear it mixed with my powder to a party for a tinted glow. I use this bella pierre mineral blush in MB001 Desert Rose, which my brother got me. I cant use it without mixing it with something lighter as it makes me look orange/red which in my opinion is not a good look!

What is your most worn lip product?
- I really have loved this Primark Lip Stain Pen, review here , it stays on and is a really pretty colour and i am just so happy with it

What is your most worn mascara?
I've had Collection 2000 Extreme mascara for a few years now, i love it sooo much. I love the shape of the brush and its not really wet or to thick making your eyelashes clumpy and heavy. Its just perfectly in the middle meaning it coats the lashes in enough mascara to make them strong but moisturised meaning if you want to curl them they stay up for a good few hours. This product is running out and i will definitely get it again because i can rely on it to make my eyelashes perfect every time and for around £3 i cant complain!

Hope you had a good week now that the holidays have finished, and i am tagging you all to do this tag. I loo forward to reading your most worn summer things and if you have any questions feel free to message me or comment below.

Demi xxx

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