Monday, 17 September 2012

Back to school | Whats in my school bag?

I haven't posted in, what it feel like, such a loooong time! Anyway, i hope any of you that have started back at school are enjoying it and those of you doing anything else i hope you have had a good week!

I'm going to show you whats in my 'back to sixth form' school bag as it felt relevant for me to do so seeing as i've not long been back. I have started studying Sport, Dance and Psychology and although i've had tons of homework already, im loving it - wonder how long that will last eyy.

Okay so first things first.. my bag!
I got this in the holidays whilst out shopping with my mum, i was umming and aah'ing about buying this for a good half an hour whilst looking at things in primark. We got to the till and i put it down but my mum sneakily picked it back up and for just a fiver (yes, a fiver!) im so glad she did. It has an outside pocket, and inside zip and two little compartments inside for my phone etc. I love the contrasting lining on the inside as its a bright neon yellow. Also its really roomy (being a word?) so i can fit two folders at a time with my essentials and my dance kit!
the contents of my bag
- I have 3 folders, purple one for psychology, blue one for silly/pointless reasons but having to carry it around all the time anyway, and my pretty Tinkerbell folder from the Disney shop for dance.

- I have a blue pretty patterned journey which i use to jot down any notes and homework as we didnt get given planners this year:-(

- My charity shop book for only 50p! It's taking me a really long time to get into this but i picked up because the blurb made me chuckle so loudly right in the middle of the shop! (section from the blurb; 'Bella was sure she could handle some- preferably before her as yet unopened packet of condoms reached their expiry date. She must be practically a virgin again by now, all sealed over like pierced ears if you don't wear earrings for too long.' Bit rude/cheeky if i do say so myself!

- My pencil case was a gift for christmas, i've used it through my GCSE exams and throughout year 11, its got everything i could ever need in it even if i do seem to only need a pen.

- Make-up bag bought from primark for cheap a few years back, its so pretty and lovely with its floral print and sequins

- Deodorant; because i do both dance and sport deodorant is an absolute MUST HAVE in my bag. And if your friend smells a bit, its always handy to have some spare in your bag to have them the embarrassment of b.o!

- My purse is essential as it keep my money and key safe and as i have lots of free lessons, i plan to take numerous detours to the shop to pig out. p.s i kinda ruined my purse by trying to jazz it up with jems, fyi major fail, so if anyone knows of anywhere i could find really sweet/pretty purses it would be much appreciated if you could let me know :-)

- Glasses, pretty sure i dont need to go into detail about what they are for but for those who may not know, they are to help me see better whilst reading and on the computer haha

- Several hairbands as spares in case i forget to have one on my wrist ready for dance or sport

- Last but not least, i finally got my door key pass beepy card thing, im not actually sure what my school wanna call these but to sum them up they open doors around the school and toilets etc which is so much help when your busting for a wee in a free lesson and have to treck round the whole school to key the key for the toilet then go to the toilet blahblahblah you get the drift.

Sorry for the huge essay of a post, just thought i'd share with you what i have to lug around everyday for school.

If you have started sixth form like me, are you enjoying it? what subjects are you studying?
Enjoy the rest of your week

Demi xxx

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