Saturday, 22 December 2012

So here it is Merry Christmas

Hello there, long time no see or speak!

I just wanted to write a really short snappy post to emphasise how sorry i am that its been around 3 weeks or so since i last posted, i know everyone gives these excuses but i have actually been SO busy with christmas shopping, school and starting a new job and all! I started working in Tesco's on Monday and the christmas buzz has completely drained me, yesterday i worked 4pm til 10pm and then started again at 7 this morning until 4 and it was super busy the whole time i was working!

I know christmas is just around the corner and i just wanna say a HUGE Merry Christmas and i hope you all have fantastic days and spend it with the ones you love and care about most as it is a time for family's and friends to get together and share the love and appreciation of one an other. I was really excited about christmas from the 1st of September and since Ive started work that excitement truly has died out, but i have christmas eve off and I'm hoping that will make me happy again!

Thank you to each and everyone one of my followers that have joined demiDOODLES since earlier this year, i cant believe 70 of you have taken the time to read or follow my blog, it really does make me so happy and i am so grateful, which is why I'm hoping 2013 will be full of giveaways and lots more beauty and fashion posts and also getting to know you guys and a lot more people in the future. My blog is my favourite thing and i love it so much, so having people to share it with is just lovely!

Once again, enjoy your christmas' and i hope you get everything you want and deserve and i will speak to you very soon!


Demi xxxxxxxxxxx

P.s, if you have taken the time to read this post, i thought it would be nice for me to share with you some of my favourite christmas songs etc...


  1. awhh cute post!

    katy x

  2. what a sweet post! and i love the songs!
    following! x

    i'd love for you to check out my blog:

    Winona xx

  3. Hey you´ve a wonderful blog!
    If you want we can follow each other
    here and on bloglovin and gfc.
    Let me know :)